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Grim Dawn Nightblade Build. Nightblade is a melee assassin authority that dominates in killing enemies. Considered as the deadliest of all dominance, Nightblade’s skillsets mainly focuses on finishing lives as quickly as possible and getting away from a deadly situation unharmed.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the Grim Dawn Nightblade build, and this article will also cover some of the build guides for beginners.

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About Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is an action role-play game that is themed as dark fictional world which is based on the Victorian era. The game was released on 25 February 2016 and it was developed and published by Crate Entertainment.

If you want to download the game, it is very simple. Just login to your steam account and download it from there. But keep in mind that the Grim Dawn game is not a free-to-play game.

grim dawn nightblade build
Credits: Launch Box Games

This game is based on an apocalyptic fantasy world in which all the humankind is almost wiped out. It has come to this moment where iron has a higher value than the gold and it is very hard to earn peoples trust. Grim Dawn is a 4 person multiplayer based action role-play game in which you and your teammates are supposed to defeat the enemy teams and save humanity from the extinction.

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Grim Dawn Nightblade

grim dawn nightblade - Gamestanza

The Nightblade in Grim Dawn seems to be having a variety of deceptive blades and mostly proceeds with a surgical strike to extended fights. Ordinary Nightblades required two one-handed weapons in a combat. If they are setup properly they can have an ability to deal with physical, cold or poison damage.

Grim Dawn Blademaster (Nightblade/Soilder) build

grim dawn - Gamestanza

Compared to the commando, the blademaster is quicker, which uses a two one-handed weapon. Adding some quality to both the weapons can give you a lot of advantages and some flexibility to the weapons. You’ll need to improve Piercing/Bleeding damage and increase your protections for bigger troubles.

When earning 5 mastery points, you can upgrade your cadence and the phantasmal armor or you can also invest those points earned into the Momentum in the soldier tree. Most focuses go into Physique; however, have enough Cunning to use top-level one-handed weapons. The soul allows you to prepare ornament also, so remember it. For example, put resources into star groupings, the Assassin’s Blade and Blade of Nadaan, since you’ll generally utilize one-gave blades.

Nightblade Skills

  • Mastery – 50 Points
  • Dual Blades – 16 Points, Belgothian’s Shears – 8 Points, Amarasta’s Quick Gut – 8 Points, Whirling Death – 8 Points, Execution – 8 Points
  • Ring of Steel – 16 Points, Circle of Slaughter – 12 Points
  • Shadow Strike – 1 Point
  • Blade Barrier – 12 Points
  • Blade Spirit – 16 Points
  • Phantasmal Armor – 2 Points


  • Mastery – 50 Points
  • Cadence – 1 Point
  • Field Command – 12 Points, Squad Tactics – 12 Points
  • Oleron’s Rage – 12 Points


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