Top 5 2020 Easter Eggs Video Game – You need to see

    Well, there were many games released in 2020 and had many easter eggs. Here I brought you the Top 5 2020 Easter Eggs Video Game. You need t look at this amazing easter which you will find in these games.

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    Zoombie Army 4: Dead War | Top Easter Eggs

    Easter Eggs- Top 5 2020 Easter Eggs Video Game- You need to see

    • Easter Egg includes a Christmas room where you find a doll towards the wall written with Use Your Brain.
    • Then on another side of the wall, there are letters written with a light bulb on them, and you have to blow the BRAIN letters bulb to open the vault.
    • Where you will find the upside doll, which is a reference to the Stranger things web series.

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    Division 2:

    • You will find the easter egg on the New York waterfront there. You will find a sign with When water fills the lake, shoot for the morning light.
    • This means you have to shoot the sun, which will reward you in the 30 incendiary round. This is a really cool nod for this game.

    Doom Eternal:

    Easter Eggs- Top 5 2020 Easter Eggs Video Game- You need to see

    • On the mission super core nest, you will find the three-ballons you need to destroy, don’t worry if they pop. You keep destroying them.
    • Then you will find the Blue Face ball on the top of the cake, which will be unlocked after destroying the three ballons.

    Modern Warfare 2: Remastered | Top Easter Eggs

    • On the mission hornet’s while sprinting on the rooftop with your weapon. When you press the weapon to inspect button, then you will have 30 seconds.
    • To signals to your partners for the backup and using the hand signs, which is unique.

    Resident Evil: Resistance | Top Easter Eggs

    Easter Eggs- Top 5 2020 Easter Eggs Video Game- You need to see

    • In Resistance, it will take you to survival mode or masterminds with survivors where survivors have to survive, and masterminds have to stop that happening.
    • Then you will hear a voice saying your survival chances are 32.33%. Well, that is a reference to the leeroy Jenkins clip from 2005 survival lines.

    So, These are the top 5 2020 Easter eggs video game.

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