Google Shuts Down Android Auto and Replaced it with Google Assistant in the Latest Update : Google

Google has announced that it will shut down the Android Auto app from Google Play Store, while the latest update to Android 12 would replace this with Google Assistant.

The announcement was made on November 1. Customers who had downloaded this app will be automatically notified to download the new upgraded version of Android 12, “Android Auto for Phone Screens,” where Google Assistant would be present in place of the standalone Android Auto app.

Thanks to Google’s in-built intelligent voice assistant technology, users can ask easy questions such as “Where is the nearest coffee shop?” when traveling from one location to another or direct them to any destination thanks to the Google Maps navigation feature. And all these can be done without touching their smartphones!

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Google Removes Android Auto from Play Store

This shocking comes as Google announced Android Auto back in 2015 and serves as a platform to connect smart devices with the eyes on car dashboards. With its high integration of auto infotainment system, drivers would access music streaming apps such as Spotify while on the road without taking their sight off the road.

Google had been working hard to make sure customers can rely on Android Auto app features that include voice recognition software by tapping into Google’s artificial intelligence technology and provide several updates through OTA (Over-the-Air), which means all drivers need is just an active internet connection, making this highly competitive against Apple CarPlay App alternative.

Google Shuts Down Android Auto and Replaced it with Google Assistant in the Latest Update : Google

However, even if Android Auto tech was initially successful when it debuted 3 years ago, users are now switching to Google Assistant over and above Android Auto. They found that Google’s smart voice assistant technology was much more advanced than offered back then.

Google has also announced it would acknowledge the “Android Auto for Phone Screens” app within its Maps application. At the same time, users can easily access it via Google Play Store or by using the Voice Search button on their car dashboard.

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More About Android 12 Latest Updates

The Android 12 update will also add the ability for users to hear Google Assistant audibly read texts to them, as well as add two new voices (one male and one female) for Google Assistant that speaks in American English. Android Auto is only available on vehicles from certain car manufacturers, like General Motors’ Cadillac, Honda and Hyundai, Toyota’s Lexus, and Subaru.

Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation applications have also been included in this latest update which allows drivers to search for addresses and make phone calls without taking eyes off the road thanks to an enlarged screen in some markets such as Japan, where Google will also include support for local traffic alerts from digital billboards at major intersections.

The news of shutting down the Android Auto app and replacing it with Google Assistant in the latest update would definitely come as a huge shock to its loyal customers, especially from Germany, where BMW’s Series 5 driver assistance system with a 10.2-inch display screen has been installed into new 2017 vehicles models and will be capable of supporting Android Auto high integration feature.

Google Shuts Down Android Auto and Replaced it with Google Assistant in the Latest Update : Google

Furthermore, Ford announced that its SYNC 3 infotainment system is now compatible with Android Auto featured back in 2016.

“Carmakers will still support android Automotive” but in a different form which would include over-the-air (OTA) software updates that they can make on their own instead of having to rely on Google’s changes for newer versions anytime soon, as it was the main reason for Google to shut down Android Auto app.

However, if customers are looking for an alternative to Google’s smart voice assistant technology found on the latest Android 12 “Android Auto for Phone Screens” update, there is also another option of downloading a standalone Android Auto app, but it would only run on older versions of Android 7 and below systems.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Google’s Latest Update. To get all the latest updates on Google, stay tuned with Game Stanza and make sure to follow us on Google News.

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