Check out New Google Assistant Guacamole Feature!

Everybody loves to instruct virtual assistants nowadays. Android users have Google Assistant right in their palms, and most of them use it to do daily tasks. Often you hear people peaking the launch term, “OK, Google”. Google has been working on methods that will help you instruct Assistant without saying the term.


Check out New Google Assistant Guacamole Feature!


Google has been working on a feature that will enable the Assistant without the users speaking “Hey, Google”. Often, people find this time-consuming, as opening an app manually is easier than speaking the words, waiting for Assistant to respond, and speaking the command again. Google calls this new feature ‘Guacamole’, and this feature is present in the Google app beta version for Android 11 users.

Using this feature will need some voice and microphone permission changes. The thing is quite handy, with the ability to receive commands instantly. You can turn off alarms, answer or disconnect a call, or even open an app if the phone is unlocked.

The feature is coming with the Google app for mobiles. Eventually, we will certainly get to see it inside other devices that use Google Assistant, like the Google Home.

When Is It Coming?

Check out New Google Assistant Guacamole Feature!


Though this feature is in Beta mode, which means it is still under development, Android users can expect it soon enough. It is expected that Google will reveal about this feature in the upcoming May event. -What’s the Challenge?

Check out New Google Assistant Guacamole Feature!


The feature may be exciting and extremely time-saving, but it may have some costs. The permission changes in the phones always come as a cost of privacy of the users. If Google is hearing everything you say every time, this may be a red alert for privacy seekers. When the feature comes live, users should themselves decide whether to switch it on.

Another challenge is false detection. You may say something to someone physically standing beside you, and Google Assistant recognizes it as a command. Though Google is working well to keep machine learning errors behind, AI is both challenging and error-prone. Only time, feedback and usage can make the AI adept in recognizing commands accurately.

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