Best Google Assistant Tips and Tricks that you Should Know About : Technology

From identifying songs, you’re listening, to reminding you about your important things, from giving you a music quiz to making you laugh at jokes (…Or at least, it tries) – Google Assistant is perhaps the best virtual helper currently available, right.

Best Google Assistant Tips and Tricks that you Should Know About : Technology

Thanks to its much more smart and useful AI assistance than its competitors like Alexa, Bixby, Siri – Google Assistant is more responsive and better at handling commands we give to it. So is it close to JARVIS–  That AI Iron Man used? I think that day is not so close, but still Google Assistant is the best alternative in this age.


Best Google Assistant Tips and Tricks that you Should Know About : Technology

As it’s full of features, many people end up never knowing about a variety of things that it can do – which is unfortunate, but don’t worry!

We present to you some of the best tips and tricks that you should know :

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Use The Right Google Account

As Google Assistant can only retrieve information from an account that you have used for Google Assistant, use the account with the data like Pictures, Gmail, etc.

Set Reminders

You can easily set reminders using Google Assistant. For example, you can say, “Hey Google, remind me of completing my homework at 12:30 AM” (Yes, 12:30 AM !).

Unlock Phone With Google Assistant

Tired of unlocking your phone using a touch or complex pattern that you have set ’cause you want to be extra protective?! You can set it up google Assistant to use your voice to unlock the phone. Isn’t this great?

Follow-up questions

Do know that you don’t have to keep saying “Hey, google” in asking a follow-up question. So, if you first asked, “Hey Google, How many planets are there in our galaxy?”, For asking a follow-up question, you can say, “And how many galaxies are there in this universe?”

Tell me a Joke

Yes, It tells jokes! It might not make you roll on the ground in laughter, but hey, It sure will make you smile at least. And this feature is anti-boring! Just say, “Hey Google, tell me a joke.” and see the magic. (;

Or better, tell us the joke Google Assistant says when you type it!

Random Music

You can ask google to play your random music! Time to search for new favorites. (;

Set up Routines to Automate Tasks

You can set up your daily routines and set Google Assistant to automatically does task based on that.

Identify Songs

Imagine you’re listening to a good song, and then you realize: “wait. I don’t know the name of this song?!” Rest assured because, with Google, you can easily identify the song you’re listening to. Just say, “Hey Google, identify this song.”

Change your Nickname

You can set up a nickname for yourself, so Google Assistant will always call you using that name! Just Open the Google Assistant settings and Tap on the Your Info tab. Then scroll down to nickname. Click on it to decide what Google Assistant calls you.

Translate Your Text Into Any Language

In some different countries, totally unaware of their language?  Google Assistant got you covered! As it can easily translate whatever you say to any other language. Just say “Hey, Google, Translate (Say something) into (the language you want your message to translate to)”

Custom Commands

This one is very helpful. You can set up custom commands with structure “If this then that”

Send a Text Message Using Voice

Yes! You can easily send a text to your friend by just speaking your message, and Google Assistant will convert it into text and it to your friend. Just say, “Hey Google, send a text to (Person’s name in your contact list),” then dictate the message to Google Assistant.

Open Apps using Google Assistant

You can easily open other apps using Google Assistant by saying, “Hey Google, open WhatsApp.”

There you have it, folks, our list of best tips and tricks for Google Assistant that you should know about.  There are many more commands out there that are fantastic and affect your experience in a much better way, so tell us! What are your favorite things you like to do with Google Assistant?  

And as always, thanks a lot for reading our post. Please share this with others, and stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News. Thank you!

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