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Hey, TikTok monster! Here is a little information about the Google New Carousel Feature Shows Tik Tok Videos – How to Find Them? Have a look at this article Tiktok Lovers!

TikTok Birth & Ban

TikTok was developed by ByteDance. It was released in September 2016 for IOS, Android. The TikTok team released this app for 40 languages. In China, TikTok is known as Douyin. On 29th June 2020, TikTok was banned in India by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology because some people addicted to TikTok by watching the same 15 seconds video several times instead of studying, working. Intentionally Most people misused Tikok by using this app vulgarly. So most people are happy with this decision.

Google’s New Carousel Feature Show TikTok Videos

When TikTok was banned, after a few months Instagram has introduced the short video in the name of Reels. Nowadays, Short Videos are trending so they are developing up with new updates. Now, Google is announced on testing a new Carousel feature display short videos. The new test feature was originated by Google. Google’s new feature is plotting to introduce short videos Tangi, Youtube, Google’s new short video, Instagram, and also TikTok.

Google's New Carousel Feature Shows TikTok Videos - How to Find Them?

Google’s new Carousel features of short videos were strengthened by Google Spokesperson. This feature doesn’t appear on all the queries, because this new feature is processing on all mobile device slowly. Nowadays People are preferring short videos instead of five to ten minutes videos so Google is trying to get on trend with us.

Google using this opportunity to stay the users with google web itself. Because when the users click the link google takes us to relating apps but in the upcoming Carousel features they will take us to a web version. Users are now going to enjoy their videos with Google rather than preferring a separate app for each. Google is making our work more manageable. This new feature was launched earlier this year but it is still in the testing process.

Google's New Carousel Feature Shows TikTok Videos - How to Find Them?

We hope their new creation will soon grow available sufficiently! 

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