Bunker Chest Locations Fortnite – All the Location of Bunkers in Season 6 : Fortnite

    Fortnite 2 season 6 is live now. It has various wholesome updates like new maps, crafting systems, and challenges for the player, making them stick to it. Bunker Chest is one among those new arrivals in season 6. In this article, we are going to discuss about Bunker Chest Locations Fortnite. So, kindly read this article till the end to know everything about it.

    Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and published in the year of 2017. It has three distinct game modes like Fortnite Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative. Fortnite Creative and Battle Royale is free to play, and Fornite Save the world is paid to play. It is available for Play Station 4, Play Station 5, Xbox One, Xbox series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, and Android.

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    Bunker Chest

    Bunker Chest is the new arrivals in season 6 of Fortnite 2. It is the same as the rare chest that we saw in the previous season. The rare chest provides loots if players find it from its hidden place; the same is with Bunker Chest, but the difference is it gives gold-tier loots and healing items. You can even get Legendary tier weapons like a pump shotgun. We still don’t know the exact weapon present in a chest, which will be unveiled when we go further in-game.

    Bunker Chest Locations Fortnite - All the Location of Bunkers in Season 6 : Fortnite

    Like all the other chest, Bunker Chest emit audio when you got closer to it. You can find them buried inside the building or buried outside in the ground. You can find those outside chests buried below a mound of dirt. Hit that mound with your pickaxe and dick to find the treasure.

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    Bunker Chest Locations Fortnite

    This Bunker Chest is scattered throughout the map of Fortnite 2. You might have visited some places in these locations or never been there. It’s better to know where these bunker chest located so you can easily find without missing those on your way. There are twenty locations where you can find it. Let’s see those here in this list.

    • Shark Island
    • Stealthy Stronghold
    • Craggy Cliffs
    • Pristine Point
    • Steamy Stacks
    • Steamy Stacks South
    • Green Steel Bridge
    • Pleasant Park
    • Sweaty Sands
    • Flopper Pond
    • Heart Island
    • Durrr Burger
    • Weeping Woods
    • Retail Row
    • Retail Row Fields
    • Lazy Lake
    • Shipwreck Cove
    • Camp Cod
    • Misty Meadows
    • Southwest Corner

    In these locations, bunker chests may be hidden inside the buildings or hidden under the ground outside. Always watch out to bunker chest when you are near these locations.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Bunker Chest Locations FortniteTo get all the latest updates on Fortnitestay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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