Abandoned bunker Destiny 2 | How to find it? – Complete guide : Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 is improving every day, from being a mediocre game with a confused storyline, the game has now gone on to become a great game to say the least. The developers keep on adding more and more new places to explore, this increases the replayability of the game and thus increases the player’s engagement. The latest expansion beyond light is simply awesome, it introduces a whole new world of europa, the frosty moon of jupiter. Europa is constantly struck with ice storms, dimming the visibility and adding to the eeriness and thrill. Europa is actually pretty big, there are so many amazing places to see and visit there, that there is a great chance you must have missed some. Today we talk about one such abandoned bunker. Read on to know exactly where the Abandoned bunker Destiny 2.

    What is the abandoned bunker ?

    Abandoned bunker Destiny 2 | How to find it? - Complete guide : Destiny 2

    There are a lot of places in the large icy Europa that you may not have yet discovered. The abandoned bunker is also one such place. If you don’t know where exactly it is you may never find it.

    The abandoned bunker is in the ruins of eventide and is actually the lost sector named as bunker E15. It’s actually not a very difficult place to reach once you know the right way.

    Abandoned bunker Destiny 2

    Here are the steps to find the bunker easily:

    • First of all reach the eventide ruins in Europa. You can either fast travel near it or you can travel to it as you like.

    Abandoned bunker Destiny 2 | How to find it? - Complete guide : Destiny 2

    • Once you reach the ruins, you’ll find a building which is in ruins of course,but if you look carefully you’ll find a small door, go through it.
    • You’ll soon find a small chamber if you turn to the right with some enemies and a lot of fog, descend down into the chamber.
    • Now you’ll find yourself facing a wall, jump over it and get to the other side.
    • Now go down, from here you’ll find stairs and also dilapidated structures keep on moving as there will largely be only one route available.

    Abandoned bunker Destiny 2 | How to find it? - Complete guide : Destiny 2

    • Finally you’ll find a tunnel like opening and once you enter it you’ll be notified of finding bunke E15.

    Congratulations!! You’ve successfully found the abandoned bunker. You’ll find enemies here, kill them all and claim your rewards!!!!

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