Exodus Garden 2A – Everything You Need to Know : Destiny 2

Since the release of Destiny 2 beyond the light, the lost sectors have formed a major part of PVE activity in the game. One can find them in both Europa and Cosmodrome. Exodus garden 2a is one of the lost sectors. When one completely lost sectors, especially when they are difficult. They will have a chance to win exotic armor and many rewards. Check the complete article for further information about this lost sector.

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Exodus Garden 2A

As stated earlier, Exodus garden 2a is among the lost sectors in the destiny 2 game. Further, it is a short area that is accessible in Cosmodrome. Also, it is a bit difficult to accomplish it. However, if you have a good strategy, you will surely be able to complete this lost sector. The foundation of your strategy comes from an accurate combination of modifiers and loadout. Further, they are discussed below.

Exodus Garden 2A - Everything You Need to Know : Destiny 2

Required loadout

Key modifiers

  • Servitors for shields
  • Barrier and overload for champions
  • For destination modifier use plus solar and environmental damage taken
  • Scorched earth as faction modifier

Although, swords will not sustain for a long time. Therefore, Truth an exotic rocket launcher that can prove to be a good addition to the armor set yours.

Exodus Garden 2A - Everything You Need to Know : Destiny 2

This armor has three rockets in it, and you can kill maximum enemies with one or two of the rockets.

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  • Titan – When the grenade and melee pass through sunspots, their recharge abilities increase simultaneously. Hence, the Code of Seigebreaker will help you to deal with massive damage via sunspots. Further, it will be more beneficial for you if you combine it with Wrath of Rasputin.
  • Hunter – One can choose the Way of Pathfinder here, as it can deal with massive destruction even if you are in some distant positions. Further, for aggressive players, Revenant will be a good option for you.
  • Warlock- to deal with substantial damage to champions and block the spawn locations, Attunement of Chaos with Contraverse Hold would be a great option.

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The best combination which one can use for this mission is Truth, IKELOS SMG-V1.0.2, and any other long-range weapon.  Furthermore, the truth will help you deal with the massive damage from the distance. IKELOS will help Warmind cells, and lastly, any long-range weapon will definitely be helping you in the final battle with the boss.

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Exodus garden 2a locations

The foremost thing is, this location can be found in Cosmodrome. Further, to reach there, you are required to spawn around Shaw Han. As you can observe many buildings around you, find your own way to go straight to divide. Once you reach there, you have to jump on the low building to find a storage tank. After reaching this point, ow you will be able to recognize the symbol of the lost sector. Jump into it, and you are there now.

Moreover, your final battle will be with the boss, a massive servitor in the circular arena. Lastly, on completion of this mission, you will be rewarded with exotic weapons and many more.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Exodus Garden 2ATo get all the latest updates on Destiny 2stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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