Europa Helm Quest – Stasis Chest Location : Destiny 2

Basically, the Europa helm quest will provide the player a helmet in Europa armor. Further, one has to pass through some missions. Then lastly, Variks will hand over the helmet to you as a reward. Moreover, you have first to finish the Beyond light campaign. Get to know the complete information here.

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Europa Helm Quest

In this quest, the players will have a specific set of armor. However, to get this set of armor, you need to unlock some chest sets. Further, the Europa helmet is a legendary piece of gear. Here is a point to be cleared for those players who are new to this game. They first have to complete the beyond-the-light campaign and unlock all stasis abilities. Also, to unlock the chest in this quest, there is a need for stasis abilities.

The chest in this quest has two different locations. Further, the chest’s first location is in the Nexus, and the second location is in the Well of Infinitude. Likewise, in all other quests, you need to access the chests’ location and then interact with them to unlock them. The nexus has one chest, while the infinitude has two chests. Further, there are three chests in total.

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Nexus Stasis Chest

The foremost step is to search for Asterion Abyss cause only then will you be able to make your way inside the Nexus. Once you reach here, look out for the tunnel. Get into the tunnel and proceed till its very end. As you reach its very end, you will find a large area filled with VEX. From there, turn on your left-hand side and then pass the platforms.

Europa Helm Quest - Stasis Chest Location : Destiny 2

Further, proceed on in a straight direction. And pass all the tunnels since you have passed some chambers and make your way through them. You will find the chest in the third main chamber possibly. Also, it would be best if you remembered that it is time-consuming while you reach out for the third chamber. Moreover, you can easily observe the chest as it is placed in an open place.

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Well of Infinitude Stasis

Firstly, return to the entrance of Nexus. Go back to the point from where you turn left and then proceed to your right-hand side. After this, keep moving all through the icy area, and finally, you will be ending up in the tunnels. As you came across the tunnel, you will find the chest in the area. Likewise, the chest’s final location is in the area where you fought with the boss during the first campaign.

Europa Helm Quest - Stasis Chest Location : Destiny 2

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Europa Helm QuestTo get all the latest updates on Destiny 2stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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