How to Use Stasis Destiny 2 | Stasis Subclass Explained : Destiny 2

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Each and every guardian in destiny is different and has different abilities. they are divided into various class and subclass according to the same. The new subclass introduced in Destiny is known as Stasis. Read the full article to know about How to Use Stasis Destiny 2.

Stasis Subclass Explained!

How to Use Stasis Destiny 2 | Stasis Subclass Explained : Destiny 2

Stasis is the new subclass added to Destiny 2 Expansion beyond the light. With this Guardians will be able to use the power of darkness in their favour. Players will get this stasis when they complete the first chapter of Beyond the light. Stasis will also allow you to freaze our enemies in place and then smash them down to pieces. Each guardian will have a slightly different stasis subclass. In this new subclass there will be a new skill tree which will have fragments and aspects. By using this a player can form his own, special Subclass. All the casts in destiny 2 will have a subclass related to Stasis.

For example The Hunter Stasis subclass is known as Revenant, The Titan Stasis subclass is called Behemoth, and finally The Warlock subclass is known as Shadebinder. Players may also want to know how to use the Stasis in the game. Read below to know that

How to Use Stasis Destiny 2 ?

How to Use Stasis Destiny 2 | Stasis Subclass Explained : Destiny 2

Unlocking the Stasis is related to the main quest. After completing the two main parts of the campaign. You will be shown a scene where entry of Exo stranger is shown. After this you will receive a splinter of Darkness. Next the stranger will ask you to visit the pyramid at the distance. So, go there and start the next mission. After you reach the Pyramid ship talk to the podium. Doing so will make the podium disappear and will show you a task somewhere else in Europa in Destiny 2.

I this next part you can see your stasis forming for the very first time. You will see your powers building up. But this is shortlived and the powers will fade away once you have defeated the enemies.  You will have to do this three times and defeat Eramis at the end of the campaign. Only after this you can get your new stasis subclass in Destiny 2.

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