Oakley signs Seth ‘Scump’ Abner as its first Professional Esports Athlete!

The absolute most unmistakable customary games major parts on the planet wear Oakley. Presently, Oakley can add Call of Duty League All-Star Seth “Scump” Abner to its program to go close by other Oakley competitors like Patrick Mahomes. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Erika Hara, and others.

Abner, who at present plays for OpTic Chicago, is currently the first-ever esports competitor to sign with the notable sunglass producer. Abner will depend on Oakley’s first eye-wear arrangement grew explicitly for gaming – Prizm Gaming Lens Technology.

Oakley signs Seth 'Scump' Abner as its first Professional Esports Athlete!

Why Oakley? The name represents itself with no issue. At the point when you hear the word Oakley. You think about a renowned brand in the glasses space,” Abner revealed to The Esports Observer. “I watch a huge load of sports. I see Oakley everywhere. My number one game to watch is baseball and you see those players wearing them consistently. Oakley is only an astonishing brand, a cool, and an exceptionally hip brand also. I think Oakley just kinda justifies itself.”

Oakley, with roots previously laid somewhere inside the customary games space. Sees esports as another serious space where players “share chasing movement, giving it all that they have.” Abner typifies that vision as he had needed to beat different vision issues to turn into the player he is today.

Abner, who used to wear contacts which he said once in a while tingle due to terrible hypersensitivities. Presently says he wears glasses once more. Also, the solution focal points that accompany a blue-hindering specialist, have caused him massively.

Oakley signs Seth ‘Scump’ Abner as its first Professional Esports Athlete!

“I used to wear contacts a lot, however now I wear just glasses only,” Abner said. “So once more, it’s very significant and astounding. That I’ve discovered a couple that I truly like assists with my eye strain. It’s similarly as cool that the brand is Oakley.”

Regardless of the sicknesses with hypersensitivities and visual perception. Abner has had the option to overwhelm the Call of Duty esports scene. Truth be told, the double cross Major League Gaming (MLG) X Games gold medalist who was granted the “Best Console Player” at the 2017 Esports Industry Awards is regularly alluded to as “The King.”

“I’ve been wearing their item for likely two months now,” Abner said. “The crystal’s fit completely under my Turtle Beach’s [headset]. With the Oakley’s and the Turtle Beach’s, I have no strain on the highest point of my ears, which following eight hours, you can envision how much that would hurt. I haven’t had any issues with these up until this point and they’re super agreeable and simple to wear while I’m gaming.”

Nonetheless, it wasn’t only Abner’s expertise in playing Call of Duty that saw Oakley connect with him for this organization, yet additionally his altruistic undertakings. Abner has developed into a “worldwide represetative for esports” by collaborating with his fans and devotees through different types of substance creation. He has additionally taken part in foundation streams and as of late participated in a magnanimous mission to respect those doing combating COVID-19.

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