Samsung’s New Future Smartwatch Might Use Android instead of Tizen : Technology

Samsung’s New Future Smartwatch Might Use Android instead of Tizen. Check out all the facts and details about the same through this article.

Samsung’s New Future Smartwatch Using Android or Tizen?

Samsung's New Future Smartwatch Might Use Android instead of Tizen : Technology

Ever since 2014’s Gear 2 line, Samsung was dependent on Tizen platform for its smartwatches. The elegance was just an addition to the unique control scheme and strong battery lifeSamsung’s switch to Android would make history since its the first time for Samsung smartwatches.

Appearance and representation of wholesale switch to Android, may or may not be seen in the smartwatches. But then, everyone knows that Samsung smartwatches will be quite better if compatible with Android smartphone. Thus, you can expect Galaxy Watch for 2021 running on Android core.

According to the report sources, the number of smartwatch models under construction for 2021 is two. Their model numbers are SM-R86x and SM-R87x. This clearly indicates that they are the successors of the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3. Although the model numbers are for the watch size variation it may also hint at the Bluetooth and LTE models.

Analysis and Reactions

Samsung's New Future Smartwatch Might Use Android instead of Tizen : Technology

The release of the Galaxy Watch in 2021, is out of the pattern. It is so because the order was Galaxy Watch – Galaxy Watch Active – Galaxy Watch 3. And thus, 2021 should have Watch Active release but, the reality is different.

Samsung leakers say that Tizen OS will no longer be part of Samsung watches since Google’s Android will be replacing it. It’s not for the first time that such rumours are coming up, but this time it may be real. Although the criticism is for Wear OS, there are other dominating benefits. They are:

  • The app and watch face catalogue on Wear OS is way above Samsung’s superiority.
  • Android is more secure than Tizen.
  • Tizen-based smartwatches are anytime well-regarded. Their doubtless compatibility provision with apps is par excellence. But they do lack the Android ecosystem tie-ins of Wear OS.
  • Samsung’s decision indirectly states that broader compatibility is worth any tradeoffs. Of course, its a big leap for Google since it hasn’t had much success in wearables, in comparison to Apple or Samsung.

There hasn’t been much excitement with Wear OS devices until now. So, things might change for Android. Samsung will be debuting its 2021 Galaxy Watch along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and other of its devices. Although, it won’t be before late 2021.

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