Valorant Ranking System – How does the Ranking System Work? : Valorant

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Valorant is Riots, another one of riots successful game. It is a multiplayer tactical first-person hero shooter game.  The players can choose a character by their skills in the game. These characters are Ranked in the game’s Ranking system. The ranking system starts from the Iron tier and ends with the Radiant tier. With a total of eight levels in it. All these levels have three sub-tiers in them, except for the Radiant and Immortal tiers. So, ultimately summing it up to the 20 ranks in total. In this article, we will discuss Valorant Ranking System and see How the Ranking System actually works. So read this article till the end.

How does the Valorant Ranking System Work?

Valorant Ranking System - How does the Ranking System Work? : Valorant

Each time players play a match in an act, The player’s badge will be filled with a new triangle that shows the rank the player played within that particular match. And as the player plays matches with different characters, the rank will increase. And the triangles in the badge will increase. The matches played with a lower rank will be replaced with a higher rank. The color of the triangle badges will also change according to the ranks the player has achieved. The players who will reach the last rank, the Radiant Rank, will have a golden color triangular batch.

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How to track the Progress?

Valorant Ranking System - How does the Ranking System Work? : Valorant

The match history will track your progress, and the episode will also introduce leaderboard and progress bars to make it simpler for you to track your progress. A player’s ranks can be easily increased by playing matches. Your rank will be increased for a winning match, and a losing match will be decreasing your rank. If a player is currently at a lower rank, Then individual performance will improve their rank. A win will get players a rank rating of about 10-50, and if the match is drawn, it will be around 20. Once your rank is leveled up, you will have a minimum rating of 10, and if it is demoted, then a minimum of 80.

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New updates related to the Valorant Ranking System

Valorant Ranking System - How does the Ranking System Work? : Valorant

The game developer has recently let it out that the ranking system is soon to be updated. With this, there will be certain changes in the progression and the ranking leaderboard. The developer has always been keen on constantly improving and tweaking their ranking systems to experience the game’s best version.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Valorant Ranking System. To get all the latest updates on Valorant, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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