All new Rocket League Gridiron mode Release Date, Features and Partnership with NFL.

Rocket League and NFL have collaborated once again. And with this collaboration, they have come up with the all-new Gridiron mode. It will be altogether another kind of football, The American Football. With this mode now, players can experience American Football with their favorite cars in them. The rules of this game are going to be similar to American Football but not the same.

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In this, the standard rocket league ball will be replaced with the American ball. During the usual game, the ball always attaches to where your car has touched it. But in the Gridiron mode, it will always stick to the roof of the car. And if any player touches the ball, he will become the carrier. In this one, each goal will get you 3 to 7 points. And if the opponent plays a goal, then you will be losing 3 points.

All new Rocket League Gridiron mode Release Date, Features and Partnership with NFL.

This time the pitch will also be altered to look like an actual American Football field. And will have hash marks and the NFL logo near the 50-yard line. Along with the Gridiron mode, players will be able to complete the week’s challenges. The rewards are up to 20,000XP. On top of this, it also has an NFL Fan pack, which will cost 800 credits to the players.

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Release date

The event release date is 2nd Feb and will continue till the 8th Feb. Players are enthusiastic about the new mode’s release. And are waiting to experience the American Football mixed with their favorite game.

Partnership with NFL

The Gridiron mode is being introduced in the game due to the partnership between the Rocket League and NFL. This is not the first time they have collaborated, but it surely is the most interesting theme ever they have come up with.

So, there you have it, guys. This all the information that you need to know about the Rocket League Gridiron mode Release Date. To get all the latest updates on Rocket League, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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