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Fortnite’s Season 5, Week 9 Challenges are now live. And Fortnite has come up with an innovative challenge for players this week. Players will have to find three hidden bunker locations for this week’s challenge. The reward for this week is very generous. If a player can find all the hidden bunker locations, they will get 20,000 XP as a reward. But as expected, the locations are a bit tricky to identify. So we have come up with all the locations for the Hidden Bunkers for the Week’s Challenge. And to ease your struggles.

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Hidden Bunker Locations

All the Hidden Bunker Locations in Fortnite! : Fortnite

These bunkers have always been a mystery place on the map for many players. And to make things more thrilling, the bunkers are hidden in such a location that the chances of stumbling on one accidentally are meager. So here are the exact locations of all three hidden bunkers.

Hidden Bunker 1: The first one is located in the west of Craggy Cliffs. Here you will find two buildings. The first one is the Unremarkable Shack Landmark, and next to it is a small structure. This structure is to the east of this building. Beneath this is a hidden Bunker. For obtaining this bunker, players will have to destroy different wooden areas near the base. After that, the First Hidden Bunker will appear.

Hidden Bunker 2: The next one is located to the south of Holly Hedges. There is a bay in the cove, which is to the south of the Holly Hedges. Rainbow Rentals and Shantytown Landmarks surround this Bay. In this Bay between these two places, the second bunker is hidden. This one is located underwater. But as players cannot swim underwater in the game. Reaching the surface where this bunker is located will do the job.

Hidden Bunker 3: This is the Last Bunker that you need to locate for completing this challenge. It is located to the east of the retail row. You will have to move towards the east of the coast from the Retail Row. You will come across a small campsite when you are near the cliffs. After that, go down the hill, and you will locate two tall trees with bushes in between them to the south. The third hidden bunker is beneath them. Once you destroy the bushes, the bunker will be visible.

So that was all for the Hidden Bunkers Locations in the Fortnite Week 9 Challenge. For more updates on Fortnite, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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