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This article will clarify everything about Lost Lament Destiny 2 that you need to read. Therefore, for all the detail, kindly read the article until the end.

The Lost Lament is an exotic search that was released in Destiny 2 during The Season of the Chase. In order to get the exotic sword called The Lament, this exotic quest contains a total of 11 quest moves that must be completed. You need to own Destiny 2: Beyond Light to join in this exotic event. Check out our guide to The Lament below to help you finish this exotic search.

Destiny 2: How to Launch the Exotic Search for the Lost Lament

Lost Lament Destiny 2 - Lost Lament Exotic Quest for the week! : Destiny 2

To continue the exotic search for the Lost Lament, make your way to the Tower and talk to the Gunsmith, Banshee-44. He will have the search at your side when you talk to this NPC. To add it to your inventory, embrace the quest. To complete the first quest stage, trigger it once you have the quest and head off to Europa.

Stage 1: Scan 3 Find and Dead Exos on Europe

The first move in discovering and scanning 3 dead Exos in Europe is to locate the Missing Lament. A total of 9 dead exos can be found spread all over Europe. We also built a guide to finding the dead Exo that you can consult. The three which I find most readily are:

  1. Ice crest Cadmus Ridge west of the Toy Cave Penguin.
  2. Snowdrift on Asterion Abyss next to the entry to Nexus.
  3. Eventide Ruin building on a pillar to the northeast.

Many of the above dead exos in their respective areas can be found in the overworld. To scan them, only come and receive a prompt button. To complete this search stage, press the button and rehearse 2 more dead Exos.

Stage 2: The Giant Exo in the Facility of Exo

*Note: Get the Giant Exo on your map with the exotic scan enabled.

The second search phase in the Exo facility is to locate the Giant Exo. This takes you to the construction of Bray Exoscience in Cadmus Ridge on the west. Join the house and enter the development through it. Follow the search marks in creation, before you enter the space inside with the Giant Exo. Approach Exo and trigger AI by pressing the needed button to complete the search process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Stage 3: Use a Sword in Europe Vex

You will launch the third quest stage after you trigger the Clovis AI. This move focuses on fighting which involves the use of a blade to complete the following:

  • 100 Vex murdered a sword in Europe.
  • 20 Cyclops Sword last strikes, Minotaur, hydra.

It is up to you if you plan to take this step. You can take the Europa attack, manage the perdition-lost market, full public events, or farm on a worldwide scale if you like. No matter what the system is, you just have the skills to progress to the next level.

Lost Lament Destiny 2 - Lost Lament Exotic Quest for the week! : Destiny 2

Stage 4: Completed Exo Challenge

You will have to complete an Exo Challenge after you end the battle challenge in Step 3. Exo Problems are challenges only you can overcome. You must talk to Variks The Faithful and complete the hunt called old mysteries, new tasks to complete an Exo Task. This search takes you to the lobby in the “Bray Exoscience” where you can launch the new Exo challenge with a project banner. Complete this fourth stage with the Exo challenge.

Stage 5: Vex with finishers defeated

Lost Lament Destiny 2 - Lost Lament Exotic Quest for the week! : Destiny 2

After the Exo Challenge has been completed, Vex has to be defeated with the endorsers on Europa. This can be achieved in the same manner as stage 3. You are free to strike in Europe, to run the Perdition Missing Business, to carry out public events, or to farm around the world. The higher the Vex the larger the amount the finisher receives. To complete this stage you must derail approximately 50 regular Vex with finishers.

Stage 6: Enter the glassway strike and position the blade panels

You will trigger a new quest move if you have all the finishers you need. This search move takes you across the European attack called The Glassway. During this strike, at the end of the boss battle, you have to fight Transcendent Harpies. At the beginning of the war, this enemy will emerge, and you’ll see the text on your computer announcing its coming. Defeat this enemy champion to obtain the blade pieces required to finish this move.

Stage 7: Banshee 44 Talk

Return to the tower and chat to Banshee-44. He’s going to give you the exotic Broken Sword. You will start the next step in the search when you obtain this piece. The end is coming.

Stage 8: Search for and discover the Eventide Remains of an Abandoned Bunker

Take the exotic Broken Sword and return to Europe. Find your way into the field of Eventide Ruins and reach the Bunker E15 that is the lost business. What you have to do to find out is to finish the abandoned bunker. You get the next search step when you open the cache at the top.

Stage 9: Strengthening the history

Since the Bunker E15 Lost sector has been finished, a task called “Strengthening the Past,” which can be reached outside of the Lost Sector building in the north-western corner, can be completed. Touch the flag to activate the mission there.

You must travel from the Eventide Ruins to Existence to complete this task. It takes place in a tank. You will have to beat Vex when you reach Cadmus Ridge. Drop them and then go through development to the AI by Bray Exoscience. Many enemies here are passed, so just make an AI beeline if you want to finish this move very quickly. You are at the AI twice, without the Lament once and with it again. The mission will stop if you protect it twice.

Lost Lament Destiny 2 - Lost Lament Exotic Quest for the week! : Destiny 2

Step 10: Communicating with Banshee-44 

A return to Banshee-44 at the Tower is the last move in this exotic search. Return to the Gunsmith and speak to him for the last time. This final engagement will give you an insight into the arms and complete the exotic mission of The Lost Lament Destiny 2. You receive the sword strength arm Lament and the triumph attached to this quest.

Destiny 2: Perks and Characteristics of the Lament

The Lament is an exotic sword that you unlock after finishing Banshee-44’s Missing Lament task. This weapon is simply a sword with the blade of a chainsaw. This sword has distinctive advantages and features, like other exotics in the series. Check out what the advantages and characteristics of The Lament are below:

  • Jagged Edge (Blade): At the cost of sword ammo, increase damage.
  • Sustaining Guard (Guard): Sword Guard has maximized success and high power, but poor strength.
  • Tireless Blade (Trait): Sword ammunition was given for any other killing of driven blades.
  • Revved Ingestion (Trait): The wielder is cured by harming a combatant.
  • Banshee’s Wail (Intrinsic Trait): To rev the blade, keep the trigger.
  • Increases damage, bypass shield, and adds piercing of shield to all attacks.
  • Win stacks for resurrected attacks when dealing with an injury.
  • The damage and damage resistance to heavy attacks is improved by additional piles.

Visually, a stunner is this blade. For those who prefer to wield a sword in their power arm slot, it even has some fascinating perks and characteristics. At the time of writing this guide, there was no exotic catalyst for this blade (will update if that changes).

That concludes the exotic search guide for The Lost Lament Destiny 2. Overall, this quest is fairly straightforward to complete, but a time-consuming touch. What did you think of this line of search and the tool that it unlocks? Thanks for caring, as usual.

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