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Line in the Sand Destiny 2 is a viral weapon in the popular game Destiny 2. It is a Fusion rifle. You get the hands-on line in the sand rifle as soon as you enter the Season of the Dawn. This rifle is of great choice as it can fire a single-precision energy bolt along with vertical recoil from a very long range. It is a great weapon if you want to shoot your enemy from a long distance.

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How to get a Line in the Sand rifle in Destiny 2?

Land in the Sand Destiny 2 - The Fusion Rifle : Destiny 2

If you want to have this fusion rifle, then you must ensure that you have Mars Obelisk. The weapon belongs to the Time lost Weapon Bounty. You have to complete Rank 5 of this particular bounty. In other words, you have to upgrade your Obelisk to Resonance Rank 5.

This can be possible by using Polarized Fractalkine. Polarised Fractaline can be got by completing Obelisk Bounties, runs in the Sundial, and quests.  As soon as you reach the Resonance Rank 5 in the obelisk, you will be able to select the bounty. Completing a random task will help you to have your hands on this fusion rifle.

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Line in the Sand Stats

  • The impact of the rifle is 41.
  • Line in the sand’s Range is 36.
  • The stability of the rifle is 48.
  • The handling of the rifle is 33.
  • The reload speed of the rifle is 31.
  • The magazine size of the rifle is 5.
  • The charge time of the rifle is 533.

Line in the Sand hidden stats:-

  • Aim assistance of the rifle is 60.
  • The inventory size of the rifle is 28.
  • The zoom of the rifle is 25.
  • The recoil capacity of the rifle is 63.
  • The bounce Intensity of the rifle is 37.
  • The bounce Direction of the rifle is it tends right.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Land in the Sand Destiny 2. To get all the latest updates on Destiny 2, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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