Memento Destiny 2 – Get The Blastion Exotic Fusion Rifle,The Memento Quest : Destiny 2

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Memento Destiny 2. The extremely complicated Exploring The Corridors of Time quest has finally been solved, leading to getting The Blastion Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2.

The Blastion Kinetic fusion rifle is one of the key exotics in Bungies’ Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, which unlocked thanks to the hard work of countless Destiny 2 community members to solve the huge maze in the Corridors of Time. The puzzle found within the Corridors was big and needed tons of cooperation from players to interpret. Though players were initially sceptical about Bastion, the rifle seems pretty effective. The Blasting Exotic Fusion Rifle comes with 2 unique perks. The Saint’s First perk lets the players charge the rifle to fire three spreads of kinetic shots and the Breakthrough perk lets the rifle’s damage bypass elemental shields.

How to Unlock the Blastion Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2

Memento Destiny 2 - Get The Blastion Exotic Fusion Rifle,The Memento Quest : Destiny 2

Before you start, the Corridors of Time quest expired on 28th January with the weekly reset.

Destiny 2: STEP 1

The Memento quest will initiate by talking to Saint-14 in the Tower. The first step of the quest called Spoken Word. Make sure you’ve completed the first two Corridors of Time quests if you haven’t unlocked the Saint-14 in tower yet.

You will be asked to head to The Tangled Shore and gather five pieces of Fallen intel. To collect the intel you need to terminate five fallen Servitors and Captains in the Tangled Shore. You should be able to get all Captains and Servitors in the Thieves’ Landing zone.

Destiny 2: STEP 2

Go and talk to Spider on The Tangled Shore and complete the Backroom Brawl quest. Spider will ask you to kill Aksiniks, Bound by Honor within the Empty Tank Lost Sector. Load into the Thieves’ Landing Lost Sector where you’ll find Aksiniks in the final room of the area. Defeat him then return to the Spider for the next quest.

Memento Destiny 2 - Get The Blastion Exotic Fusion Rifle,The Memento Quest : Destiny 2

Destiny 2: STEP 3

The next step in the quest is A Strong Arm. Players need to complete 10 of Spider’s bounties, while also killing 30 Challenging enemies and complete eight Public Events on the Tangled Shore.

Destiny 2: STEP 4

Meet Spider again to receive another lost sector-centric step. This time, he’ll ask you to find a gravesite hidden in the Trapper’s Cave lost sector. Trapper’s Cave is located Four-Horn Gulch area, so load into Thieves’ Landing and head on over. You’ll see the lost sector marking near the middle of the area. Once inside, keep going straight until you see a small waterfall. Dive down the waterfall and turn to your left and you’ll find the hidden gravesite.

Destiny 2: STEP 5

The next step is to defeat the new boss Defiled Reysk, the waning light.

You should see a new version of the Strike called The Hallowed Lair, marked “The Hallowed Lair, Memento” if you check the  Tangled Sore map in Director. The regular version of The Hallowed Lair and the Memento version doesn’t have much difference.

Kill Defiled Reysk and head back to Saint-14 to receive the exotic fusion rifle, Blastion

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