Eternity Penguin Location Destiny 2 – Destiny 2 Week 9 challenge : Destiny 2

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Eternity Penguin Location Destiny 2, the free-to-play game, has a lot to offer to the players. Players will be able to earn the Splinered title after completing various Triumphs. One of the tasks is recovering all lost Penguins. They started the hunt for Penguins, and many rewards are waiting for the players to complete the hunting journey. It has been some weeks, and this is the ninth and the last week of the hunt for all the nine penguins. Players need to find the penguin toys which are hidden around the Europa to unlock a secret triumph. We are in the ninth week of the hunt, and the new location for the penguin has been found.

Eternity Penguin Location Destiny 2

Eternity Penguin Location Destiny 2 - Destiny 2 Week 9 challenge : Destiny 2

  • Once you land on Cadmus Ridge, you should start to head towards the Bray Exoscience area towards the western side.
  • Once you arrive at the location, go through the door on the far left, and start the journey.
  • Yes, it’s gonna be a hell of a journey as you need to go quite far following the rooms full of servers and tackling all the enemies on the way.
  • Going through the icy path and the server room, you will find the enemy with the name “Drake, Charge Courier” after you defeat him, you will receive an orb charge, which it drops on defeat.
  • Going more inside, you will need to jump into the platform and head towards the dark, and on the left, you can find the generator on the platform, charge it with the orb, and then on the left, you can see the penguin.
  • Grab the Penguin and go towards Charon’s Crossing and find the building to deposit.


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