Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot – 21w03a adds a new Glow squid in Minecraft

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Minecraft has added 21w03a new Glow squid in its upcoming update. You need to know what a new about this update and the new Glow squid. So read till the end.

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About the new update:

Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot - 21w03a adds a new Glow squid in Minecraft

  • The new features added in 21W03A are:
  • Added Glow Lichen!
  • Added glow squid!

What is Glow Lichen:

  • In the cavesthe dim source of light is generated.
  • It collects in using the shears.
  • By using bonemeal it spreads it on the surfaces.

What is Glow Squid:

  • Glow squids are welllighted and can be seen from long distance.
  • When it’s killed glow squids drops glow ink sacs.
  • Glow ink sacs are used to make text visible, and it is used on signs at nightwhich worked fine with colors.
  • To remove the glow effect use an ink sac.
  • If the axolotls see any glow squids, they will attack itso be careful.

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What are the changes in 21W03A:

Dripstone blocks can be built from 4 dripstone spikes.

How to get the SnapShot:

The MinecraftJava edition Snapshot version is available for usersOpen the Minecraft launcher to install the snapshot update and activate the snapshot from the installation tab.

Some fixed Bugs in 21W03A:

Here are the some bugs fixed in the 21W03A

  • MC9568 – While growing up near a strong wallmobs suffocate/go via blocks.
  • MC89880 – Weight 0 spawner crashes the game.
  • MC91522 – Shulker desyncs location and produces ghost shulker when the shulkerridden boat or minecart is killed.
  • MC92349- Animals should not be fooled by players with food when other players are closest to the animal.
  • MC92867 – Setting the Json text value to null throws and crashes exceptions

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