Destiny 2 How To Start Mission And Find Hawkmoon – Harbinger Guide 2021 : Destiny 2

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HAWKMOON Quest was released in December. However thanks to its Random Rolls trait, Hawkmoon was incomplete. In mid-January, a secret mission named Harbinger was launched by Bungie, which not only gives players random Hawkmoon rolls but also offers its Catalyst.

How To Find Harbinger

Destiny 2 How To Start Mission And Find Hawkmoon - Harbinger Guide 2021 : Destiny 2

  • Go to the EDZ and Trostland ground.
  • Run ahead, past the church, and into the half-broken building. J
  • ump up into the second-floor opening and step forward.
  • A little chimney, you’ll see. If the fireplace has brick over the opening, use Hawkmoon to shoot the brick inside the fireplace before it bursts.
  • If you see the brick flash, you’ll know it’s working.
  • Walk inside when the fireplace is open and connect with the little box to begin the task.

Kill the Emissaries:

Destiny 2 How To Start Mission And Find Hawkmoon - Harbinger Guide 2021 : Destiny 2

  • There are three emissaries you’re going to have to kill, each of whom is a different form of Taken Mini-Boss. The first is a Wizard with a shield of the Void, so break it and start to damage this enemy.
  • As they do a lot of harm, make sure to destroy any Taken Goblins and Vandals first. When you cut the wellbeing of the boss in half, he becomes immune and flees. Look around for a door that’s blocked with energy from Taken.
  • You can see in the centre a black Taken orb that may be damaged. To locate the fleeing emissary, blast it open and head inside. Kill the Wizard and then go back to the main room of the Turbine. Go back to the turbine room after killing all three emissaries and follow the waypoint to the arena at Lake of Shadows Boss.

Just Survive:

  • It’s full of fighting in this segment. Two very large waves of enemies, including more Emissaries and Invincible Champions, will spawn here. Prior to jumping in, make sure that your loadout is ready.
  • There’s a lot of cover in the room here, but it can still be risky, so we suggest using Bubble Titan, Well Warlock, or Stasis Hunter.   Be sure to take the sniper enemies out first, as they make it pretty difficult to run. The target will change again once you have cleared the room.


Destiny 2 How To Start Mission And Find Hawkmoon - Harbinger Guide 2021 : Destiny 2

  • If you are not concentrated on the right enemies, this final boss battle can be incredibly chaotic. Before beginning the boss battle, make sure that you have a Solar sniper rifle and a Hawkmoon.
  • Akorith will spawn as you reach the Shard. Hawkmoon is dealing with this boss with a lot of damage, so nail him with headshots at the end of your clip to ensure that powerful bullet.
  • He’ll spawn a wave of enemies when you finish off his first bar. This is where the boss battle will go really poorly, so close to the start of the encounter, hide behind the rocks.
  • Take your Solar sniper out and search for one on either side of the arena for the two Taken Knights. With your sniper, knock them both out and the enemies will avoid spawning.

So, that was everything about the Harbinger Guide, now go and enjoy!

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