Escape from Tarkov Woods map 2021 – All “must knows” to catch up! : Escape from Tarkov

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Escape from tarkov

Battlestate Games developed and published a tactical shooter genre game called “Escape from tarkov” or EFT. It a famous online multiplayer mode game that is exclusively available in PC. This realistic hybrid looter shooter game comprises of tactical gameplay and a variety of maps. Due to this fact, it is quite unique from the regular fast-pace, first-person shooting games. The player has to decide between the risk-taking factor and reward of the loots. Attempting new quests, trading wares and engaging in the deep progression system is a part of the game. 

Escape from Tarkov – 12.9 Patch Update

EFT update 0.12.9 came out on December 24 2020 and its highlighting feature was the expansion of Woods maps. According to the patch notes, there are new weapons, ammunition and mods in it but the map expansion took the dais. The map size grew up by 2 to 2.5 times and you can notice this expansion behind the mountains that are in the centre of the map, towards Rock Passage. The patch says that few new locations like Emercom Camp and the Abandoned Lumber Yard can also be seen.

Escape from Tarkov Woods map 2021 - All "must knows" to catch up! : Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Woods map 2021

Woods map is not a new addition to this game. It is a medium to a large-sized old map whose central region is the hot spot of the map. Priozersk Natural Reserve is its another name since it is covered with huge forest covers, rocks, hills and terrain regions. After the expansion arrival, the map went to the next level.

Escape from Tarkov Woods map 2021 - All "must knows" to catch up! : Escape from Tarkov

The map layout is as follows:

  • West- The majority of this region comprises of railroads and rock formations. You can also find people coming over here from Factory and the shack.
  • East- If you enter this long straight pathway you can see people fighting or taking sniping positions on the north side rocks.
  • Center- It is all about a big lumber yard with several scav spawns and players crossing around. Since there are long rock formations and water body along this region, there is always someone waiting on them to knock you down with sniper. Thus, it is the hot spot and the natural choke area of the map.
  • North- This part of the map is fully dumped with rocks. Players always climb above it and take sniping positions to kill the opponents around that arena.
  • South- Anoth eye-cating spot of the map falls in its Southern region. There is a sniper rock which is perfect location for a sniper king to knock down players. One can get a wide and spectacular view over the lot of map from this area.

A raid in such a map usually lasts for 45 minutes or so and it is particularly suitable for players who are expert long-range snipers. You can see 6 to 12 players along with some Scav spawns- NPCs. This map is not recommended for newbies since its is long ranged and PvP focused which implies more killing of enemies. Though the loots are filthy rich over here, you need to practice PvP fights to survive and collect loots. Otherwise, it is a perfect choice, especially for practicing sniper rifle.

Map Extracts

One can find loots, crates, cabinets and other expensive and important in-game items over the following spots in this map.

  • West Bunker
  • East Bunker
  • Plane Crash Site
  • Lookout Rock / Spine
  • RUAF Roadblock
  • Shore Sniper Rock
  • Mill / Lumberyard
  • Sniper Rock
  • Ritual

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