Pokemon GO : Everyting about Machop Guide and How to Get it?

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Pokemon GO has been a hit which it’s constantly addressing what the gaming community wants. Pokémon’s interesting renewals of game plots have hit the mark again and again. A recent pokemon that has garnered everyone’s attention is the Fighting Pokémon named Machop. Players have been saying that this Pokémon is hard to encounter and win. So we are here to help you win the Machop Pokémon for your Pokédex. 

Pokemon GO : Everyting about Machop Guide and How to Get it?

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All About Machop Guide Pokémon

Native to the Kanto region in the game, Machop is a Fighting-type Pokémon. Machop’s strongest move sets and skills are

  •  Karate Chop 
  •  Return

This Machop Pokémon is vulnerable to Fairy, Flying, and Psychic. Also, this Pokémon is resistant to Bug, Rock, and Dark. Machop has a MAX CP of 1278, and it develops into Machoke. Its dimension is 0.8m meters in height and 19.5 kg in weight. 

Pokemon GO : Everyting about Machop Guide and How to Get it?

Machop’s Base Stats include 

  • Attack:- 137
  • Defense:- 82
  • Stamina:- 172

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Which Trainers To Use To Win Machop Pokémon

The strongest Pokemon trainers that you can have in your Pokédex to beat Machop and acquire it, later on, with moves;

Pokemon GO : Everyting about Machop Guide and How to Get it?

  1. Yveltal:- Gust, Psychic, and Hurricane Combination
  2. Mewtwo:- Confusion and Return Combination
  3. Delphox:- Zen Headbutt and Psychic Combination
  4. Lugia:- Extrasensory and Aeroblast Combination
  5. Mr. Riem:- Confusion and Psychic Combination

This pokémon can also evolve into stronger versions, namely Machoke and then Machamp, as you level up in the Pokémon Go game. Other Pokémon to have in your Pokédex that could help you beat and win Machop are Xerneas and Rapidash. Machop can be put in a gym and transferred. The Base Flee Rate of Machop is 10%, and Buddy distance stands at 3 km. 

So go ahead with this information in mind while playing Pokémon Go, and surely Machop will be yours. Good luck out there. May you stumble upon a shiny Machop too. If you want a visual glimpse of how to win Machop, here’s one.

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