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If you’ve been following us, you already know that the long-awaited Predator skin is here!!!! Just a battle pass and some simple quests away…With the new update came the jungle quests, which have not been all introduced yet. Only three of the quests are available right now. We have already covered the first quest in our previous posts. Read this article to know everything about the Fortnite Beef Boss Remedy Dummy. All the locations were revealed. How to complete the quests and much more.

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The jungle hunter quests

The new update came along just yesterday with a lot of goodies, though. 

The most anticipated of them is obviously the predator skin. The update confirmed that the secret skin for the season 5 chapter 2 battle pass would be the spooky predator. There would be a series of jungle hunter quests for achieving the skin, which will be updated over time. 

There have been three quests announced till now:

  1. Finding the mysterious pod
  2. Talking with Beef Boss, Remedy & Dummy
  3. Collecting three medkits

Each subsequent quest opens up after the previous one has been completed.

We have already discussed the first: the mysterious it’s the exact location, and how to complete the quest in our previous post.

If you’ve already completed the first quest, you must have received a cool predator icon. Now you are ready to move on to the second quest, which is ” Talk with Beef Boss, Remedy & Dummy.”

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The beef boss, remedy & dummy

The second quest in this jungle hunter quest is quite easy, actually. But the problem is that Fortnite has a vast map, so it would be quite a tedious job to find the beef boss, the remedy, and the dummy.

Well, what are we for? To ease your troubles, here we have compiled all three locations so that you can go and grab the quest now!!!

  • For the beef boss

Fortnite Beef Boss Remedy Dummy - All Location Revealed : Fortnite

If you go a little southeast to the stealthy stronghold, you’ll glimpse a food truck named DURRR BURGER. Many of you must have seen it before. This is where you’ll find the beef boss and go and talk to him.

  • For dummy 

Fortnite Beef Boss Remedy Dummy - All Location Revealed : Fortnite

If you go south from the position of the beef boos, you will find a dummy near a truck. Go there and talk to him.

  • For Remedy

Fortnite Beef Boss Remedy Dummy - All Location Revealed : Fortnite

If you go a little northwest to the pleasant park, you’ll notice a wooden house atop a high hill. The remedy can be found on the top floor of that house. Go there and talk to her.

Finally, here is a map marking the three beef bosses’ location by red, dummy by blue, and remedy by yellow.

Fortnite Map - Gamestanza

Well, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Fortnite Beef Boss Remedy Dummy. To get more such updates on Fornite and other similar games, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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