Conflux Lost Sector Destiny 2 – Where to find the Lost Sector : Destiny 2

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Every Destiny 2 players must have heard about the lost sectors. You can find and explore these hidden sectors to earn many rewards. Here is how you can find Conflux Lost Sector Destiny 2. In Destiny 2, players get a chance to explore Nessus Destiny 2, the most interesting planet. It resembles a giant super-computer. The location was the first to have a lost sector, which was The Conflux.

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The Conflux Lost Sectors

Lost Sectors are small contained areas hidden, or as the name goes, lost in the game. These areas are for exploration by players and contain tons of enemies, a small boss fight, chests, loots, and equipment. Players do get a Lost Sector Chest by defeating the boss, also known as the Champion of the Lost Sector.

Conflux Lost Sector Destiny 2 - Where to find the Lost Sector : Destiny 2

On Nessus, there are a total of five lost sectors. The Conflux is one of the lost sectors of Nessus. It was the first lost sector revealed to the players by the developers, Bungie. It is guarded by many Cabal soldiers and a boss, known as Primus Cal’aug.

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Where to find The Conflux Lost Sector Destiny 2?

The Conflux is located on Nessus, in the Cistern Landing Zone in the Arcadian Valley. Then head over to the Well of Flame, and to the north of the well, you will be able to see a very faint Lost Sector symbol. Hovering over the place for some time will reveal the Conflux icon.

Conflux Lost Sector Destiny 2 - Where to find the Lost Sector : Destiny 2

Once you are in the area, look for a cave next to a waterfall. You have to clear out the area in the cave and finally defeat Primus Cal’aug, the area’s boss. Once you have defeated him, you will be able to open the Lost Sector chest and unlock a new Rune on the Chalice of Opulence.

So there you have it, guys. This is all you need to know about the Conflux Lost Sector Destiny 2. Visit their official website to get more information about the game and the amazing guns and characters.

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