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With such a high demand of the game, gamers are getting crazy for the queires related to this game! Lately, gamers have been searching about the Prophecy Dungeon Destiny 2 , So, Let’s talk about it.

Prophecy Dungeon Destiny 2

Initially prophecy dungeon was a seasonal item launched by the game at the season arrival. But due to some reasons it stayed longer than expected. Now, Dec 8 has been a big day for the game as the most awaited prophecy dungeon is back with the next-gen update of the game. Although nothing much about the dungeon has changed, but it has returned as a weakly challenge.


How To beat the Prophecy Dungeon

The Mountaintop, Izanagi’s Burden, Anarchy, Falling Guillotine, and Witherhoard are the most useful weapons in the dungeon. The first is the entrance. The first encounter in the dungeon teaches players the basic mechanics i.e. light and darkness. At the end of the hall there are light and dark pillars. to cleanse those pillars players need to collect 5 ‘Motes of Light’ and hit the trigger on top of the light pillars. Similarly, players have to collect ‘Motes of Dark’ for the Darkness pillar.

  • Now, for finding these motes players have to defeat the Taken Nights. Each night will be holding a mote. These motes will change according to the position of the player while defeating the night. If the players are in the light they will obtain a Mote of Light. Similarly if in darkness they will gain a Mote of Darkness. Players will have to cleanse the pillars twice before gaining the first box .
  • Next comes the Phalanx Echo. The Boss arena in the game is really small so players have to use their cover wisely. The Boss is a Taken Phalanx with an immunity shield. Players have to take down 4 pillars to remove his Shield and defeat him.
  • Further are the Wastelands. Here after defeating the first boss the players have to find Taken Blights, destroy them, jump into the light and they can move to a new region.
  • After that comes The Cube. this is more of a puzzle than defeating a Boss. The players will be on a floor of cube with both pillars on the 4 sides. There are sand circles in the middle and the top. Players have to defeat Toland in this arena. The cube will teleport the player in the direction of the pillar. Players have to cleanse the pillar nearest to the Toland.
  • Thereafter, comes The Wastelands and the Dead sea. Here follow the Kell Echo. Players will find themselves in a giant bird house. After that the players will find a black hole which leads to the secret box. And the last is the Kell Echo boss fight

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