All XP coins location in fortnite – Week 7 in Fortnite

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In this article, we were going to give information on XP coins locations in Fortnite season week7.

Fortnite one of the best online games with many adventurous events and tasks to complete created and published by epic games. It was one of the most playable games from many people across the world.

Fortnite comes with new events and new coins to entertain the players with new features and tasks every week. This week also Fortnite introduced new XP coins in the game. XP coins will help the players to increase their levels and strength in-game.

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Location to Find XP Coins in Season 5 Week 7

On January 13th,2021, Fortnite introduced a new weekly event with new tasks. Around 10 XP coins have to be collected by players in a week7, and these XP coins were located in different locations on the map. There were 4 different types of  XP coins among 10. The four different types were green, blue, purple, gold.

All XP coins location in fortnite - Week 7 in Fortnite

Gold XP coins location

  • It will be available in only a single location in-game. It would reward an XP power. If a player got, this coin would be rewarded with the highest XP. Around 15,000 XP players can receive these gold XP coins.

Green XP coins locations

  • Across 4 green XP coins will be available in-game. These 4 coins will be available at a different location on the map.
  • First coins you will find near the eastern wall of stealthy stronghold location.
  • The second coin you will find in between holly hedges and sweaty sands location from trees.
  • The third coin you will find on the east side outside of the mainland. You will find a small island in the sea on the east side. You will find the coin there.
  • The fourth coin will be available on the south-west of Misty Meadows between water and tree location.
  • Each green coin will grant 5,000 XP to players in-game.

All XP coins location in fortnite - Week 7 in Fortnite

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The Next Coin is Blue Coin

  • The first blue in the game you will find at the coral castle location. At water straight opposite of waterfall in the coral castle.
  • The second coin will be available on the lake between the Misty meadows and Hunter haven, lazy lake. The coin will be on the water between these islands.
  • The last blue coin you will find in the water near Dirty Docks locations.
  • And each blue coin will grant 6,500 XP to players.

Purple Location

  • You will find the first purple coin in the south of the catty-corner at the weather station.
  • And second purple coin you will see near a craggy cliff in between craggy cliff and steamy stacks.
  • Purple will grant players with 10,300 XP.

So, that’s it, guys. This was all information on XP coins locations in Fortnite season 5, week 7.

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