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Razer has made an all-new great innovation in terms of technology. Razer has come with a unique mask, which a reusable mask is known as Project Hazel. It is made up of unique plastic, which is waterproof and is scratch resistant.

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A new N95 mask by Razer

A New N95 Mask by Razer - Project Hazel : Techonology
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The mask is way transparent, which allows you to lip-read the other person. In other words, you can see the facial cues of the other person, which makes chit chats more feasible. For no release date or price has been revealed yet.  It is referred to as an N95 mask, but it hasn’t appeared for the necessary approvals from the FDA, CDCP, and health administration. Razer has said that there were closely work with scientist and doctors for the development of the mask. The mask looks like a perfect futuristic gas mask.

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The mask is equipped with Detachable and rechargeable ventilators. It also has smart pods that ensure that breathing airflow is well maintained. Interestingly it has a high bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE), a great filter that filters around 95% of airborne particles, and is resistant to high fluids. The mask has an internal light that switches on itself in the dark, which allows you to express yourself more effectively in bad lighting conditions.

The major problem with a mask is that your voice cant is heard properly. But this isn’t a problem with the project hazel as it has VoiceAmp technology. This technology ensures that it has a microphone and amplifier, which is built in the mask. The advantage of this is that it makes the user’s speech more clear and audible. Another interesting aspect of the mask is that it has active air cooling, ensuring that you get fresh air and keep on venting 02. It has custom sizes as per users’ fit.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the N95 Mask created by Razer. To get more such information, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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