Razer Synapse 3 : Everything about the Software : Technology

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Razer is one of the biggest company that produces various gaming gadgets. But today, we will be talking about Razer Synapse 3 software, how to use it, and the advantages of this software. So, read this article till the end.

Razer an American multinational technology company founded by Min-Liang Tan & Robert Krakoff. Razer’s main products targeted the gamer’s. They will design and manufacture gaming laptops, tablets, and PCs with other accessories like mice, audio devices, keyboards, mouse mats & gamepads.

Synapse was hardware-software developed by Razer in 2011 (1st Version). Hardware-software like support assistant software was launched by other companies to access their system when any emergency or repair.

A Synapse is a software that users have to Pre-install when they bought a razer laptop, tablet to connect razer accessories like mouse, keyboard accessories. It helps user’s products to keep their drivers every time to updated versions.

Razer Synapse 3 : Everything about the Software : Technology

In razer synapse, users can also create macros and connect their entire home accessories to the synapse software to gain high access control on other accessories. Macros will record the inputs given by users and save all data to the cloud.

Now, presently razer synapse version is 3.0 Version. To install the synapse in your razer system, users can click this link.

And it was released with a new user interface experience to make users familiar with the interface.

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Features Of Razer Synapse 3:

Razer Synapse 3 : Everything about the Software : Technology

Macros: it was a powerful feature used for creating custom settings of the user profile. Macro is a tool that will record user given pre-defined input & runs pre-defined input when the user executes them. Below are the steps on how to set macros.

  • Users need to press the + button available on top of the macro list to create an entry.
  • Press the record drop-down menu user will see macro variables, that users want to include mouse movements in macro or not. At that time, if we don’t want that, press no. And we want our text to show up as fast as possible so we can select ‘no delay’ under delay settings.
  • Press the record button to do the record, where BOLD indicates a keypress and cursive indicates that you should type: ENTER /m SPACE. Good luck. Have fun! ENTER and then press the stop button.
  • Your macro has been recorded was ready for use. You can rename your macro by double-pressing the name of the macro.

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Next-Gen Chroma Studio:

It was a feature help users with the new advanced lighting tool configuration. This feature helps users to create a lighting effect across multiple devices with a good view.

Razer Synapse 3 : Everything about the Software : Technology

Below We Have Listed Extra Modules Available For Synapse:

Amazon Alexa: It was a module that helps the laptop turn into a portable Alexa assistant speaker. But users have to activate it manually.

Chroma Connect: It was a module that comes with its own app store feature with custom notifications. Helps user to sync razer chroma RGB settings to other apps.

Chroma Visualizer: It will activate and manage lighting with games, music for a good experience.

Philips Hue: It was a popular lighting platform that can sync to razer chroma. Suppose the user using Philips smart lights in the home; using this feature is best.

Nanoleaf: It was a module that helps the user to sync razer lights with lighting panels on the same network.

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