Project Winter – One of the best Survival Game : Project Winter

Project winter is one of the best survival games. It was released on 7th February 2019. It is developed by Other Ocean Group and Other Ocean Interactive. It is a game that is available on the Microsoft Windows Platform. It is a Multiplayer game that is played among 8 players. You will see survival and betrayal both in this amazing game. It is also considered to be the same as the popular game Among us.

Project Winter - One of the best Survival Game : Project Winter

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Project Winter Gameplay

Project Winter - One of the best Survival Game : Project Winter
Credits: Game Create

Among the 8 players, 2 players are given the role of traitors. The traitor knows who the second traitor is, they have to stop the 6 other players from escaping. The role of the non- traitors is that they have to suss the traitors out before they are shot by the traitors. The game solely depends on surviving.ย  To communicate with each other they can use proximity-based voice chat, private voice chat radio channels, and text chats. A total of 30 minutes are given to the survivors to escape. They have to pinch trees and rocks to get access to Crafting tables and you can make tools and supplies out of it. Survivors have to make sure that they keep their food and warmth meters high so that they donโ€™t die of starving or freezing. The survivors are given two goals, first is a power generator which you can get online. The second is, repairing critical rescue machinery.

The traitors are revealed during the second goal. They are equipped with landmines or guns which they get from crates known as special traitor crates. The traitors stop survivors from repairing the rescue machinery. They can even sabotage the first task which will force the survivors to re-do the first task. They can even hide in the snow to kill the survivors.

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What makes this game a success?

Even after the survivor or traitor are killed, they can still be a part of the game by being a ghost and they can either help or hinder the other players. They can provide warmth, healing, and sustenance if they are a survivor. If they are a traitor they can use chilling aura power which makes other survivors vulnerable to damage. This game is also available on PC via Steam and is a showcase of how good you can communicate and convince other players

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