A new game in development by EA ? – Watch out for job listing by EA!

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Excited about the news of EA Developing a new game. Today I will explore which game is currently in development by EA and what the job listings are, and how to apply for the job. It’s really a very important article for the gamers guys, So read it carefully.

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Which New game is in development?

  • The newest game from Josef Fares, the director of Brothers: A Story of Two Sons and A Way Out, and Hazelight Studios, It Takes Two, was revealed during the EA Play presentation this past summer.
  • The Game Awards gave us a first look at gameplay and a release date, as the last tentpole event of the year for the game industry.
  • This latest co-op game places Cody and May, a human couple going through a rough patch, in players’ roles. By a magic spell, the two are transformed into dolls and must work with the eccentric Dr. Hakim to restore their relationship and return to the real world.
  • Using many different gameplay types, to save Cody and May, players must take part in a complex set of genre-blending challenges. It Takes Two’s lighthearted story is said to combine gameplay and plot in ways that bring forward immersive storytelling.

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How to get a job at Electronic Arts?

  • To get a job at EA, you need to good at coding, having game-playing skills or marketing skills.
  • As the entire game industry, the business is hot for engineers with digital talent, online and mobile skills, or analytical experience, in addition to conventional jobs such as developers, designers, and producers.
  • EA especially likes engineers. Peshkov says that the company’s games run on consoles, handheld platforms, online, and social networks. So the wider the experience you have, the more interest you are going to have in EA.
  • Jobs EA seeks to fill include Java-experienced programmers, web developers, online product managers, or data analytics.

Well, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about A new game in development by EA. To get more such updates about other ESports brands and technologies, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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