Call of Duty 2021 development may have been initiated by Sledgehammer – Facts and Rumours : Call of Duty

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The year 2021 is bringing a lot of new versions, variations and events in several games. The word is “Call of Duty 2021 development may have been initiated by Sledgehammer”. Check out this article and get to know more.

Call of Duty

CoD or Call of Duty is an Activision publication of a first-class video game which is accessible on several platforms due to its demand and popularity. The battles and fights of World War 2 is the inspiration for such a game. It has few versions and each of them has many series beneath it. The original- “Call of Duty”, is the first and foremost version of this game which has its release date on 29th October 2003. The latest instalment of this game came out as recent as 13th November 2020.

Call of Duty 2021 – Sledgehammer development?

Call of Duty 2021 development may have been initiated by Sledgehammer - Facts and Rumours : Call of Duty

Among the various developers of this game, Sledgehammer Games has been one too, during 2011. Infinity Ward came up and stayed till 2020, but now the question is who will be there for CoD 2021? Although there is no official statement, the word is, Sledgehammer Games are coming back. It’s so because, for the past 6 or more years, the former, latter and Treyarch studios took turns to come up with something new.

Tom Henderson is a reliable leaker who believes that Sledgehammer Games are developing CoD 2021. Infinity Ward is an old story and Treyarch Studios are busy with the updation of Black Ops Cold War series. So, under all the possibilities, Tom’s tweet made on January 3, 2021, seems quite convincing.

There is yet another word regarding Sledgehammer Games working on a new title for CoD 2021 since 2019. And according to this report, it is an ample amount of time for a new edition release. Infinity Ward was into Warzone until September 2020. This implies that they giving a new instalment within a year, amidst the pandemic is something unbelievable. Also, SH Games tweeted about 150 new recruitments, which further adds to the doubt of them being next in the queue.

Before Treyarch came in with Black Ops, SH Games were in the play for CoD 2020. The assets of the game were also ready to ply but the project moved out of their hands due to some internal mess. Also, Treyarch’s Cold War featured a melee weapon by SH Games and the assumption is that its a hint for the latter’s revival. Thus, fans are looking forward to a sequel of either “Advanced Warfare” or “World War 2”.

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