Small Rice Cake Destiny 2 – Where to find it? : Destiny 2

    Ever since Destiny 2 has released there have been a lot of queries about various different locations and collectibles that most of the gamers are unable to find. Well, today we are going to have look at the Small rice cake Destiny 2. Read this article till the end to know everything about the Small Rice Cake.

    Small Rice Cake in destiny2 is a rice cake available in destiny2, which helps us get more armor and update our armor. Rice Cake was also many events and tasks available in destiny 2 to entertain the players with amazing tasks of actions and adventures.

    Small Rice Cake was the items available to help us to interact with Daito Rabbit Statues. According to information they were around nine small Rice Cake we have to find in-game.

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    Where To Find Small Rice Cake Destiny 2?

    In Destiny 2, we will find small rice cakes on the moon and across the moon. On the moon, to get a Small Rice Cake, you need to collect all chests and complete all tasks available. You will have to complete chests events, public events, high-value target events, and planetary events to receive the Small Rice Cake. Completing those tasks was not easy, but you have to complete the Small Rice Cake tasks.

    Small Rice Cake Destiny 2 - Where to find it? : Destiny 2

    Without participating in events, there very few chances for you to get Small Rice Cake. Only you can receive it once a week. By participating in events available on the moon, you can receive more Small Rice cakes.

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    How To Use Small Rice Cake?

    After receiving the small rice cake, you have to give it to Daito Rabbit Statues (which looks like cat statues) to receive the rewards and more in return. When you provide a small rice cake to Daito Rabbit Statues, you will be provided with phantasmal fragments and other items. The reward you received phantasmal fragments you can use to receive special armor at Lectern of enhancement.

    Small Rice Cake Destiny 2 - Where to find it? : Destiny 2

    This was one of the ways to receive the armor. And this will help us to upgrade and receive armor easily. But the problem was it’s was very difficult to receive and find a small rice cake. And it will be available only at weekends. Without a small rice cake, Daito rabbit statues will not grant you rewards. So you have to play hard to receive more rewards and a small rice cake.

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    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Small Rice Cake Destiny 2. To know all the latest updates about Destiny 2 and other games, follow us on Game Stanza.

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