GTA 6 still in development and won’t be Released Soon – Will the Game Release in 2021 or Not? : GTA 6

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GTA games are immensely famous in the gaming community, and I’m sure you have played it or heard about it at least once. Rockstar Games do take their own sweet time to bring out the latest installments to the game. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the sixth installment to make the appearance after GTA 5 was released in 2013 (that long, yes). We’ll tell you more about the rumors, facts, and recent news about the GTA VI Release.

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What do the Inside Sources tell us?

Next-gen versions of GTA 5 are still coming to the market, given the game’s ever-increasing popularity. A free-to-play version of GTA Online is coming available to us to download three months after its release.
According to Yan2295, The GTA 6 game is in development, but it’s not coming out anytime soon.

No additional details were given or leaked about in what phase of development the games are in and what ‘coming soon’ actually entails. This was certainly a disappointing piece of information for GTA players like you around the world. Unfortunately, we can not confirm when the waiting period will be over (we hope it ends soon).

GTA 6 still in development and won't be Released Soon - Will the Game Release in 2021 or Not? : GTA 6

Rockstar Games have stated that they will continue to maintain GTA Online and GTA 5 as of now. GTA 6 won’t be appearing in PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021. But you can look at the bright side, at least it is the development phase.

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The Waiting Period

Until then, players will have to pacify themselves by controlling Cayo Perico. GTA Online’s new heist with the multiplayer spin-off of GTA 5 is worth playing.

GTA 6 still in development and won't be Released Soon - Will the Game Release in 2021 or Not? : GTA 6


Since there’s no official confirmation about GTA 6 and when it will be released, what we can do is wait patiently and continue to play GTA 5 and GTA Online. We will update you with more information when Rockstar Games announcements or more rumors/leaks/insider sources reveal any exciting details.

Stay tuned to Game Stanza for more updates on GTA 6, Rockstar Games, and the gaming world.

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