Apex Legends Server Down – How to Fix them? – Apex Legends

Guys if you are experiencing server issues in Apex Legends then please sit back and read the articles about how to fix the server problem in Apex Legend.

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Apex Legends Server Down

Apex Legends Server Down - How to Fix them? - Apex Legends

  • The Server down problem is because of the major outage around the various platforms and games.
  • The Origin site and other EA multiplayer services suffering from the same problems.
  • Because of this situation, Gamers are struggling to get online.
  • Maybe your DNS is not having the proper connection.
  • ‘Link to the server timed out’ has emerged as a new one among several errors.
  • Due to these continuous connectivity problems, playing the game has seriously become a challenge.

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How to fix The Apex Legends Server down?

  • When you start the game enter the main menu and don’t click on any button for playing.
  • Just clicks the accessibility button for a couple of times using the analog stick and then the Data Center menu will appear on the screen.
  • Now you can see the various available servers for you and you can choose which server is better for you.
  • A server with a good ping is always a good option for playing.
  • Personally, I would recommend the Dallas server because it has a very low ping of 18.
  • Apex Legends Developers have pushed a small server update fix.

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