Halo Infinite Sweepstakes – Latest Updates on the Sweepstakes : Halo Infinite

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Thrilling news for gamers! Halo Infinite Sweepstakes is here! The opening to the Ultimate Halo Infinite Experience! Read this article till the end to know everything about the latest update in Halo Infinite.

Started from the beginning of August, it’ll be going on till 31st December. Offers from multiple enterprises vary, but; the one that has caught the attention of gamers is the Monster Energy Halo Infinite Sweepstakes. Don’t miss the boat on this one. 

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All About Halo Infinite Sweepstakes

The winner will be announced on 12th Jan’21. Let’s discuss the rewards and prizes:- 

  1. There are two hundred 1st prize winners, along with the grand prizes. You will win one copy of the Halo Infinite Video Game and one Xbox Series X Console. 
  2. The Total ARV of all 1st Prizes is $119,998*. The difference between the actual and stated value will not be given, as retail prices have not been out yet. 

Halo Infinite Sweepstakes - Latest Updates on the Sweepstakes : Halo Infinite

The applicant has to be from the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, etc., of legal age(18) to enter the sweepstakes. 

The Monster Energy X Halo Infinite Sweepstakes condition also says that the content will be available to redeem on HaloWaypoint.com from 1st Sep’20. All you have to do is sign in with Microsoft account and redeem a code. Content will be made available in the library and in-game. Content will not expire once redeemed. (source:-Monster Energy webpage)

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There are different programs and coupons available that you can use to your advantage that is cited in the offer notice, such as 

  • Snapchat Program
  • Walmart MegaXP Program
  • Grocery Program
  • Meijer Program
  • Halo 5: Guardians Download

Halo Infinite Sweepstakes - Latest Updates on the Sweepstakes : Halo Infinite

The notification on the official website also states methods on:

  1. How to Redeem DLC Codes
  2. How to Obtain 2XP Codes
  3. and further eligibilities, prizes, and conditions

We would advise you to refer to the official notification available to read on the Monster Energy website.

Another exciting Halo Infinite sweepstake that is going on is from Nabisco

You can win an Xbox Series X Console, Controller, & Halo Infinite game if you are in the top 5!

Along with that, 5 winners will get a $500 prize value, and; the cherry on top, 100,000 winners, will receive a Halo: The Master Chief Collection download code!

Halo Infinite Sweepstakes - Latest Updates on the Sweepstakes : Halo Infinite

Eligibility for the Nabisco Halo Infinite Sweepstake is from 13 years of age. Residents of 50 United States (and D.C.) and Puerto Rico can only successfully apply. 

The Nabisco Halo Infinite Sweepstakes have started from the middle of October and, it’ll go on till 31st Dec. For more information on the rules, please refer to their official website.

Sweepstakes - Gamestanza

So hurry up! Both the Halo Infinite Sweepstakes expire at the end of DECEMBER! We advise you to read the rules, notices, and conditions carefully before applying. Best of luck! 

Stay tuned to Game Stanza for more updates on this and the Gaming World.

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