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If you are a Fortnite player and also a HALO fan, there is good news for you. The most liked character from the HALO series is about to enter Fortnite. He is none other than Master Chief. Read this article till the end to know everything about the Master Chief in Fortnite.

This man has been busy killing Covenants, Flood, and Prometheans across the galaxy. Now is his time to defeat other players in Fortnite and earn the Victory Royale. As announced at The Game Awards, Master Chief will join the hunt in Season 5.

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Who is Master Chief?

Master Chief

For those who do not know about Master Chief, he is a fictional character and the -protagonist of the whole HALO franchise. He is a super soldier, also known as Spartan, raised and trained from childhood for combat. He will be available in Fortnite as a character skin.

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Master Chief in Fortnite

Master Chief is available as a skin to purchase from the Fortnite Item Store using V Bucks. Players can either buy only the skin or the Master Chief Bundle. The bundle costs 2600 V Bucks, while only the skin costs 1500 V Bucks.

Master Chief in Fortnite
Credit: Xbox news

The Master Chief bundle includes the skin, UNSC Pelican Glider, a holographic Elite skull, Gravity Hammer Pickaxe, Lil’ Warthog Emote, and much more.

Master Chief in Fortnite
Credit: Xbox news

Apply the Warthog emote to a mini M12 vehicle and get the experience of driving the Warthog. Only XBOX Series X/S players can unlock a matte version of the Master Chief skin by playing a match with the normal skin. The matte version is an Xbox exclusive skin as the character belongs to Xbox.

So, there you go, guys. This is all you need to know about the Master Chief in Fortnite. If you want to get more information about Master Chief in Fortnite, you can always visit their official website to check it out.

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