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Fornite is back with the new update, as Fortnite brings new theme for every season; This time Fortnite is back with new update and they have brought us KRATOS! People are getting wild after the kratos Fortnite update. Here is what you all need to know about Kratos and Fortnite.


Join the Hunt as Kratos in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 5
Credit: PlayStation.Blog

So, Kratos is  back! After  challenging too many  valkyries  Kratos enters the  Fortnite.

  1. Kratos is one of  the  first  to join  the  hunt  in  season 5. He  has  fought those with  power  to  destroy the world .
  2.  The  Kratos  outfit is now  available in the  item  shop –  either  individually or in the  Kratos Bundle  with  the  rest  of  the  Oathbreaker  Set.
  3.  You  can  use  the  Guardian  Shield  Glider  which  is  a memento  of  Kratos beloved  wife  Laufey  the  just and  take  help  of  your  wisdom  for the  Mimir  Black  Bing.

So, when  you  play  a match  on  your  Play Station 5 after  you  have  purchased  the  Kratos outfit ,  you will unlock  the  armored Kratos  Style  ,  which is a celebration of his Play Station legacy.

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God of War Kratos Skin Available Now in Fortnite -
Credit: Epic Games

There’s  nothing  that  can prepare  you  for   watching  Kratos  Paw  as  a  cheerful   electronic  tune  is  heard  in  the  background. It  is  so  hilarious  that  the  GOD OF WAR  Franchise  creator  David  Jaffe  joked  on  social  media  about  how  glad  he  was  that  Fortnite’s   version  of  Kratos  is  the  one  from  the  2018  reboot, and not  the  first  iteration  of the  Greek  Character. I  still can’t that how  much  delighted  i am  to  watch  Kratos  performing  dance. In  Fortnite, Kratos  is  like  a  pop star and not like a strict dad.Many  people bought his skin only to watch him dancing.

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Fortnite Kratos Skin Leaked For Chapter 2 Season 5
Credit: GGRecon

And  now  we  are  waiting  for  the  dance  battle between  Kratos and  Master  Chief , who is also coming to Epic’s  Titanic Shooter.

On Twitter  and elsewhere , players have been posting clips  of  GOD OF WAR’S grim antihero performing different types of dance , some set to popular songs.

Kratos  most recent stint as a guest character could be one of the most humorous of all of them. The  game’s  colourful dancing gives a striking contrast with his somber origins. The fun isn’t stopping soon as rumours suggest that legendary Metroid heroine and Super Smash Bros. alumni Samus Aran and iconic Halo Super soldier Master Chief could also  be  coming to Fortnite in the  near future.


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