Different holiday trees Fortnite locations – Spots and Description : Fortnite

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What are Holiday Trees?

Fortnite is a survival-oriented online video game that makes use of various strategies and tactics to enhance the gameplay. A holiday tree is an in-game addition that is introduced during the festive season. This 40-foot tall tree appears like a X-mas tree surrounded by presents, decorated with lights and an Ilama star on the tree-top.

Different holiday trees Fortnite locations - Spots and Description : Fortnite

The player will complete his or her Operation Snowdown’s challenge mission by dancing near these trees. Since its an exclusive release as a part of the winter update, it would be better if the players quickly finish off their mission. If the mission turns out to be successful, then the player is rewarded with 10,000 XP points. He or she can also collect the snowman cosmetic in Fortnite.

Different holiday trees Fortnite locations

There are 5 different holiday trees available only in 6 spots throughout the map and, all the six are located at various spots in the northern sphere of the map. These locations are:

  • Holly Hedges

You would be seeing the holiday tree situated in a small park at the northern end of this area.

  • Dirty Docks

There is a warehouse at the north side of Dirty Rocks whose roof consists of a holiday tree.

  • Salty Towers

Here, the tree at the edge of the western sides.

  • The Orchard

You can either reach to the tree by going North from Colossal Coliseum or reach the middle regions of the Orchard.

  • Pleasant Park

The fenced central area of this location consists of one of the holiday trees.

  • Craggy Cliffs

The western hemisphere of this area comprises of a parking lot with holiday tree in it.

Different holiday trees Fortnite locations - Spots and Description : Fortnite

Based on the map layout you can cover all the 6 trees, either in the order: Dirty Rocks-The Orchard-Craggy Cliffs-Pleasant Park-Salty Towers-Holly Hedges or its vice versa. The order you choose depends on your convenience.

All the tree locations are hot-drop zones which means you won’t be the only one going over there. Keep an eye on your surroundings so that you can survive the game and complete the mission. Also, one must note that a player can’t do the moves for 5 times around a single tree. You must do it near 5 different trees so, make sure that you don’t repeat the same location twice and miss out the chance of mission completion.

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