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Holidays are a breath away and so is the gifting season. What more will your ‘video gaming enthusiast’ loved ones like more than a  Nintendo Switch or Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit? 


Well, good news for you!

You can gift your dearests all the latest models from the Nintendo trends and still not empty your pockets this gifting season. Excited to know more? Do read on!

Unless you’ve been self-isolating since the 2000s, Nintendo is not an unfamiliar word to your ears. You’re bound to hear about them in your home, workplace and on the streets. The world basically grew with Nintendo and its consoles hand-in-hand.  NES, SNES, Gamecube, N64 and Wii…does it ring a bell?

It must because Nintendo let out all of these great classic games in the previous decades. Now it’s the latest model called the Nintendo Switch that’s the rage along with Nintendo Switch Lite, Pro Controllers and the indie game hits such as Hades, Spiritfarer and GOD WARS The Complete Legend. AND THEY ARE ALL ON SALE! In stores and Online!



  • Amazon Australia is selling these eye-catching Nintendo deals this boxing so be ready to catch on some sweet discounts:-
            1.  All Colours Nintendo Switch for $399 (you save $71)
            2. 20% off Pro Controllers which going for $79.95 on Amazon.  (This makes it easier to play Switch games on your TV)
            3. Nintendo Switch Lite Flip Cover and Screen Protector – $47. Protect your newest device from bodily scratches and make it look pretty!)
            4. Nintendo Switch Neon Console + Choice of Sonic Force or Sonic Mania or Team Sonic Racing. $429
            5. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit for $137- Mario and Luigi Each.
            6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – $57 and More.


  • Target is selling the Nintendo devices on their stores at these prices:-
  1.  Ring Fit Adventure – $109 
  2.  Nintendo Switch Lite – $299
  3. Various Joy-Con colours – $99
  4. Various Switch games at various prices (nothing too shocking here in general)



Along with these in stores discount offer on gaming consoles and everything else you’ll require to spend a blissful holiday gaming away, We present you with the news about the holiday sale that has been going at the Nintendo site this month.



Yes, if you already have a Nintendo Switch at home, you can avail this cheap holiday discount sales on their hit games from their website. Current and coming soon sales deals that are going on/about to go live are:-

  • Indie World Holiday Sale – starting from 23rd Dec, 9:00 am PT to 2nd Jan, 8:59 am PT- offers on Hades, Spirtfarer and more.
  • NIS America New Year 2021 Sale- starting from 23rd Dec, 9:00 am PT to 10th Jan, 11:59 pm PT – discounts on Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travellers.
  • Ubisoft Holiday Sale- starting from 20th Dec, 9:00 am PT to 31st Dec, 11:59 pm PT – deals on Family Feud, Just Dance 2020 and more
  • Bandai Namco Winter Meltdown Sale –  starting from 17th Dec, 9:00 am PT to 31st Dec, 11:59 pm PT – save on Daraemon STORY OF SEASONS, DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ and more

And Several Other Sales are also going on so head over to the Nintendo site and see for yourself.

We would suggest you to budget ahead, wishlist first rather than buying on impulse and check for other deals too when you are shopping in these boxing days deals. With Nintendo’s laser-like focus on quality, the beloved iconic gaming gifts are sure to cheer up anyone whoever receives them.

So, Happy Shopping, Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more on the updates on the gaming world. 


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