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Rainbow 6 siege has brought something very nice for their sponsors and the players, the Corsair skin challenge. Complete this amazing challenge to grab an opportunity to get an MPX Rainbow 6 Siege Corsair Skin.

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About the Game

Rainbow 6 Siege Corsair Skin - Gamestanza

Rainbow 6 Siege is an online shooting game that attracts a lot of gamers who love mission games. It was introduced to the gaming world on December 1, 2015, on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Each player is either an attacker or a defendant in various gameplay modes like rescuing a hostage or defusing a bomb. Siege was an entry in the Rainbow Six series and was the successor. It was released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S this year on December 1. It has a series of offline missions known as a situation that can be played alone(singleplayer). The whole game later revolves around preparing you to fight against “white masks,” a terrorist group threatening the whole world.

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Rainbow 6 Siege Corsair Skin Challenge

You can get an MPX Corsair weapon skin after completing the Corsair Challenge on Ubisoft Connect. In this, you are required to complete 5 rounds of PVP only with a friend which is already added to your team in Ubisoft connect. This challenge is buggy so only add a friend that is only added to your list. After finishing the challenge you will have access to the MPX Corsair.

Modes in Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow six siege corsair skin

There are currently 20 playable maps in the Rainbow 6 Siege. The gameplay modes are as followed:-

  • ARCADE– It has limited time events and is on a smaller scale. it includes the golden Hut game.
  • SEASONAL EVENTS- It has limited-time events that are only available for one season and are large-scale modes.
  • OUTBREAK– It is a limited-time event-exclusive to Operation Chimera.
  • SITUATIONS– It is a single-player mode, and has 10 solo and 1 co-op multiplayer mission.
  • TERRORIST HUNT– It is a solo or multiplayer mode for players up to 5 in number. Attackers or defenders have to fight against enemies.
  • HOSTAGE- It is a multiplayer game mode, in this, the attackers have to extract hostage from defenders and defenders have to defend the hostage
  • BOMB- It is a multiplayer mode, in which attackers need to find the bomb and defuse it while defenders need to stop them all killing the attackers.
  • SECURE AREA- it is a multiplayer mode, in which attackers have to find the way to the area to secure it while defenders have to oppose them,
  • TACTICAL Realism- It is a mode that is highly based on teamwork.

Rainbow 6 Siege corsair skin - Gamestanza

The challenge is not a huge hit as the gamers are complaining of it being bugged as they are not able to add points even after completing the challenge. More updates are awaited from the developers.

So there you have it, guys. This is all the information you need to know before getting your hands on the Rainbow 6 Siege Corsair Skin. To know more about this latest skin challenge and the game, visit their official website.

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