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Free Operator Rainbow Six Siege. Since its release in 2015, Ubisoft’s first-person shooter Rainbow six siege has gained quite a base among the online gaming community. Players can enjoy a variety of gameplay with the single-player mode, online PvP mode, and also a cool online Co-op mode.

Rainbow Six Siege

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For those of you who don’t already know, this 5-year-old game is a tactical first-person shooter in which players have to face intense close-quarters combat, high lethality, tactical decision, and much more, creating all in all an engaging gaming experience. The game may feel a bit challenging at the start, but the newbies can learn the basics from the videos on the official page of the game.

Nevertheless, even if you are already a pro in the game or you have just started, or maybe you’re just planning to dive in this Christmas, It’s a piece of good news for everyone. Ubisoft just announced that it would be giving a free operator to every player this festive season!!!!

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Rainbow Six Siege Operator

Okay, so before we dive into how to claim your free operator, let’s, for the sake of the newbies, make it clear what exactly operators are. So in most layman terms, operators are simply the playable characters within the game. The game basically has two types of operators attackers and defenders, pretty basic huh. Well, there are 54+ operators that the players can unlock over time; each operator, besides being an attacking/defensive, has its own specific gadget and playstyle. Well, you must be thinking that’s a lot of things to choose from, well there’s actually a solution for that, you can actually take a quick survey at the game’s official page to choose the best operator for you, doesn’t that sounds awesome !!

Okay so now that you are equipped with the basics let’s address the elephant in the room.

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How do you claim your free operator?

According to the official Twitter post by Ubisoft, the instructions are pretty clear.

  • the players just have to log on to their game account 
  • Just claim the free gift.

 So you simply have to log in to your in-game account and claim the operator. This is how you can get the Free Operator Rainbow Six Siege, and Ubisoft has also launched a list of operators that’d be available, check it out in our next article. Enjoy!!!

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