Korok mask Accurate Location – Full guide on how to get Korok Mask : The Legend of Zelda

    All you want to know about the Korok mask and its Location in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. The EX Strange Mask Rumours quest is one of the new missions added to the game.  If you play it correctly, you might get a chance to get the korok mask location, a new item that signals when a korok seed is located nearby.

    About Korok mask

    The Korok Mask is Available for Head Gear DLC, which is not part of any armor or clothes set, Which can only be accessed with The Master Trials DLC pack.

    Korok Mask

    The Cute and Fun-Loving Koroks inspired the creators to create this mask. The Korok mask will tingle when it detects a Korok seed hiding nearby. It can be sold but cannot be replaced with other this object can only be found once. To find this mask, you need to start a mission called EX Strange Mask Rumours Quest.


    Defense attribute Rating: 1

    Location: Somewhere in the Lost Woods

    Bonus Attributes: It will Tingle when a korok seed is under its proximity.

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    EX Strange Mask Rumours quest’s Location and How to Trigger it


    Ex Strange book Location
    Credits: Polygon


    To start the Ex Strange Mask Rumours quest, you need to head to the Woodland stable, located east of the Hyrule castle. If you have Already Traveled to the Mirro Shaz Shrine, You can fast travel to save time. Inside the stable, you will find a book named Super Rumour Mill EX: Volume 1 on the table.

    Ex Strange book
    Credits: Eurogamer


    After reading the book, it says,” “the treasure chest containing this mask is hidden in a tree hollow in a forest that makes people lose their way.” Sound familiar?” Then head to the  Lost woods northwest from the stable. If you’ve activated the towed, then it’s directly north from there.

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    Korok Mask’s Location

    Korok mask Location
    Credits: Polygon


    If you already completed the game or already went to the lost word for the master sword, you know the lost wood’s location. You need to redo the first common steps of following the torches/lanterns and follow the wind direction fire is blowing until you reach the two lanterns parallel to each other with a torch leaning on one of them.

    Korok mask Location
    Credits: eurogamers


    Korok mask, Light the torch and follow the wind direction directed by the fire on torch heading the way to korok forest. You may have to take a small diversion in between. In simple words, go to the south of the two lanterns keeping the lantern and tree line on the left side on the map, you will see you are heading to the water. You will see a large tree hollowed out with a purple EX chest in it before you get there.

    Korok mask Location
    Credits: polygon


    Open the chest, and you will complete the EX strange Mask’s Rumour Quest, and you will get the Korok mask.


    How to Use the Korok mask

    Korok Mask
    Credits: eurogamers


    The Korok Mask is used like other wearable items. It will tingle when a Korok seed is nearby or under its proximity.

    In total, there are 900 korok seeds Collectible, which is dotted around Hyrule. You can trade the korok seed to hetsu for Inventory upgrades allowing you to store more weapons, bows, and shields.


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