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CSGO, better known as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. The game was first released for PC, OS X, Play Station 3, and Xbox in August 2012. While in 2014, the developers launched the Linux Version. In the game, two teams fight with each other, with the main objective of eliminating the other team. And, in addition to that, teams also have separate objectives depending on the game mode. The teams also have to defend the hostages as well as defuse the bombs planted. There are different characteristics of each game mode, and there are a total of nine game modes. And on the new engage map on CSGO, some players found a game-breaking glitch.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the engage csgo map’s glitch and how to trigger the glitch on this map.

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engage map csgo
Credits: Catfood

Well, for the enthusiastic players, there’s a surprise. There’s a new update shipped to CSGO, whose main aim is to fix the game-breaking exploit on Engage and some other changes. There’s a news headline on every gaming site, which states that CSGO players have discovered a game-breaking glitch on Engage after operation Broken Fang.

With a plethora of new additions to CSGO, and with the latest Broken Fang update, it’s known about the small glitches that can occur. But, with a glitch that can crash whole lobbies, Valve may need to act fast to fix the glitch in CSGO. There has been a lot of game crashes on Engage just because of a glitch in CSGO. There should be a total of four players who can execute a glitch. There’s a word “MASS CARS” written on a four-storey building at the terrorist location on the new map. There’s a revolving car visible next to the building, and it is the key to successfully triggering the glitch.

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engage csgo
Credits: Charlie INTEL

A total of four players need to attack or ping the revolving car to trigger the glitch. If the glitch is over-exploited by the players, it can be a bad experience for all the players, and especially for the players who are winning can find themselves crashing out of the lobby and losing the game. So, enjoy the game and take care.

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