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Everything you want to know about the Ice Hound Clash of Clans. Just like Lava Hound, Ice hound is also a super troop with the opposite elemental damage.  As you can know, many of the properties of the ice hound by its name only.

A brief explanation about the Ice hound.

Ice Hound ❄️🔥 || clash of clan
Credit: YouTube
  • The Ice Hound Clash of clans can be unlocked by leveling up or boosting the Lava hound to level 5.
  • To boost lava hound to level 5, you need 25k Dark elixir or a super potion. It will take up to 3 days to boost the lava hound. The level you ice hound will correlate to the level of the lava hound.
  • There is not much difference between an Ice hound and a lava hound. Comparing to lava hound, the ice has a higher damage rate(hitpoints) and also has slow freeze damage, which slows down the afflicted target. When dying, the ice hound reacts like an ice golem freezing the area surrounding it, and will deploy some ice puppies after dying.
  • Ice Hound primarily prioritizes the Air Defenses from all the other targets. The ice hounds ignore all the buildings and targets if any Air Defence is active on the battleground. Even under attack by clan castle troops, heroes, or skeletons. They prefer to ignore them and destroy all the defenses first. Unlike all troops, the ice hounds do not count the clan castle to be a defense if it does not have any troop unit in it. But the Ice Hound prefer defending Grand Warden and the town hall of level 12  or 13 if the town hall’s Giga inferno and Giga Tesla is triggered to be defensive.
  • When all the Defences are destroyed, the ice hound has no preferred target, so they start attacking the nearest building. And if aware of any enemy troops nearby, they will start attacking them.

Some Offensive strategy

Ice Golem |
CREDIT: Clash of Clans Wiki | Fandom
  • While in lava loon attacks, ice hounds can be used as a lava hound. Once their pups are popped, they can destroy enemy heroes and can also shield for balloons.
  • The ice hound’s ability will be useless if the Hound Pop is not critical.
  • It can also stop and single target inferno tower from attacking special troops.
  • Because of its freezing effects and fewer pups, the ice can be treated as air ice golem more than ice hound.

Some defensive strategy

NEW ICE HOUND!!"Clash Of Clans"
Credit: YouTube
  • Because of its freezing ability, the ice hound will an effective castle troop. But the poison spell slows the ice hound and its pup extremely down for the ability to be useful.
  • Setting up single target inferno towers closer to the base’s edge could cause the ice hound to pop early, which will waste the ability. This could weaken the case against Dragon attacks and so on.

Few important things to note!

  • If excluding the heroes, the ice hound will be listed to the first rank with the most hitpoints dealt.
  • Total 7 Ice hound can be spawned at once in fully upgraded Army camps.  You can extend it to 8 if you include the 1 that fits in a clan castle higher than level 7.


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