SIFU Gameplay, Release Date and More!

SIFU Gameplay, Release Date, and More!

Sloclap, a French studio, is developing SIFU, a beat-em-up action and adventure game. A kung fu master sets out on every existence journey to find and punish the five criminals who killed his family.

An excruciating kung fu journey Sifu, a difficult task for just the most dedicated players, is approaching.

SIFU Gameplay, Release Date and More!

The game isn’t a AAA hit like Elden Ring or Horizon Forbidden Westdespite being produced by Sloclapa very well-known martial arts studioIt’s more of a mid-budget film. Despite thisit has held its own at press conferences against these well-known names, grabbing everyone’s attention with original design decisions and novel gameplay mechanics. SIFU Gameplay, Release Date and More!

SIFU Release Date & Unlock Time

SIFU Gameplay, Release Date and More!

SIFU was launched on 8 February. Owing to advance release alterations that occurred on 6 February and ended already, gamers who pre-ordered Shifu’s Deluxe Edition already have access to the game. On February 8, around 12 a.m., the game has been launched. Regardless matter whether you’re in a PST, ET, or GMT timezone, the digital copy of the game was activated at midnight.


Sifu’s Deluxe Edition is $49.99 on the PS Storebut PS Prime members may grab it for $44.99 insteadWith this purchaseyou’ll get a digitized artbook and also a music track. The regular version is the cheapest at $39.99.


We strongly advise you to watch all of the Sifu trailersThe first teaserwhich premiered in February 2021captivated fans with its outstanding visual look and concentration on realistic fightingIt appears to be an actionadventure fighting game at first appearance.

SIFU Gameplay, Release Date and More!

The essence of Sifu in combat and the choreography team worked hard to make the player feel as if they were fighting. A kung fu expert who was approached to help design Sifu’s choreography was also contacted, and behind-the-scenes footage from the game’s development team was released.

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