Apples new watchOS 8.4.1 bug fixes and new features

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Apples new watchOS 8.4.1 bug fixes and new features

Apple has published watchOS 8.4.1, a little upgrade to the company’s watchOS 8 software, which has been unveiled in September. WatchOS 8.4.1 was launched just after watchOS 8.4, which included a patch for a persisting charge issue.

Apples new watchOS 8.4.1 bug fixes and new features


On 1 February, Apple began rolling out watchOS 8.4.1 with the update 19S550 to Apple Watch Series 4 and modern wearables. The upgrade, which is 71.6MB in size, offers bug fixes for certain Apple Watch models, however, the changelog with this edition doesn’t at all specify which flaws were corrected. To download watchOS 8.4.1, users must ensure that Apple Watch is powered up and within range of their iPhone that is connected to Wi-Fi. Apples new watchOS 8.4.1 bug fixes and new features

In the meantimeApple has now been analyzing the latest watchOS 8.5 betawhich will be released alongside iOS 15.4According to 9to5Macwhile the iOS 15.4 update will supposedly allow iPhone 12 and subsequent smartphones to perform Face ID with a mask on (without an Apple Watch), watchOS 8.5 does not appear to offer any major additions.

Apples new watchOS 8.4.1 bug fixes and new features


On the Apple smartwatchto get WatchOS 8.4.1 just for free then just click on general setting and then system updatethe smartwatch needs to have a minimum of 50charge to update the software and be charged and also it should be closer to the iPhone in order to install the new software.

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