Best Halloween Games

Best Halloween Games

It’s after midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark. Could that be Halloween on the horizon, or are you just listening to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits? Either way, it’s time for the fright of your life, but you won’t get that knocking door-to-door for sweets. The best way to get shivers down your spine is by turning off the lights and playing some spooky video games. And we can recommend some of the best.

The Resident Evil saga

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It’s a good job that lots of console games these days are backward compatible. But the creators of Resident Evil let you enjoy it in HD and go one up by re-releasing upgraded versions of each game. So if you want to really experience horror, gore, and suspense on a variety of consoles, then spend time on Resident Evil this Halloween. Play as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine on the original, right the way through to the latest first-person suspense shooter versions. Not only are the games filled with thrills, but you can enjoy the story as you go. Then you’ll have Albert Wesker as an easy go-to character if you need a simple fancy dress costume.

Dead Space

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If you’re going down the route of backward compatibility Dead Space and Dead Space 2 will have you cowering behind the couch. You might not remember all the tense moments in the games, making those jump scares much greater this time around. A sci-fi-themed game that is inspired by films like Alien or Event Horizon, you can play the role of Isaac Clarke, trapped on a dying spacecraft that’s drifting in space. Look after your ammo, explore the ship and try to survive.

Take on Jack

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Halloween Jack, that is. It’s a creepy slot game that you can try out at online platforms like STS Casino, watching out for eerie skeletons, vampires, and a soundtrack that gives MJ a run for his money. It’s a spooky experience that comes with the added benefits that slot games bring.

Hide from Aliens

Isaac’s adventure in Dead Space may have you questioning Jeff Bezos’ foray into a space adventure. And this gets a lot worse when you play Alien: Isolation. This game is all about atmosphere. A creepy one at that, which is nothing better if you like playing video games in dim-lit rooms, waiting for the scary parts. The aim of the game is for you to try and survive a space station filled with deadly critters. Ruined walkways, passages that jet out steam will shock you, but it’s the aliens that really get you. They are free-roaming AIs, learning as you play. So you might be able to sneak past some of them or defeat them, but they’ll adapt and hunt you down. Reckon you can escape?

Are you The Last of Us?

The Last of Us, created by Naughty Dog, has been around for a while now. It’s inspired plenty of memes, and if you haven’t played it yet, why not treat yourself this Halloween? Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you play smuggler Joel who is responsible for escorting teenage Ellie across the US. Zombies, people, beasts, and the dreaded clickers are all out to get you. You can level up, scavenge for parts and enjoy the RPG element of the game even when it’s not Halloween. But if you fancy a spook, then watch out for the clickers.

Shh, it’s Silent Hill

When the first Resident Evil games came out, and polygons were a big thing, horror games managed to detract away from the bad graphics. Silent Hill was released at a similar time as Resident Evil, giving you puzzles and different endings like its competition. But the graphics won’t bog you down, as there are so many dark and foggy areas that keep things terrifying. And if you really want to be terrified further, just play the sequel as well, Silent Hill 2. Two more Silent Hill games are reportedly in development.

Conquer The Evil Within

Playing as Sebastian in third-person, it’s easy to think that this game will involve using melee weapons and bashing creatures in the head. But that would be too simple and nowhere as scary as you’d like. Nope, instead, this is a tense environment that really focuses on hiding. You know it’s going to be frightful when hiding is the main move of the game. But this helps add more suspense and atmosphere, keeping the scary moments running. Just like you’ll do as Sebastian.

Why wait for Halloween to try out these games? After all, you might be busy stuffing your face with candy. Enjoy these spooktacular games whenever you like, even more during these darker months. You won’t be disappointed. Just scared.


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