Bungie is finally improving Destiny 2’s PvP

    Bungie is finally improving Destiny 2’s PvP
    Destiny 2’s most recent balance patch went live and while it wasn’t a complete overhaul of the game’s weapon meta, it did firm things up.  The respawn timer was increased after a team wipe which should reward individual performance more than Destiny 1 did.  Also, some of the more powerful firearms received nerfs such as increased recoil or reduced magazine sizes which will make using them less desirable in Crucible.
    Bungie is finally improving Destiny 2's PvP

    Bungie is finally improving Destiny 2’s PvP Bungie has learned from their mistakes with D1 but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still work to be done on what is undoubtedly the social space where players spend most of their time in the game.

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    In a Tumblr post from yesterday, Bungie revealed that Trials of Osiris is getting some changes in season 15. Though Blackburn doesn’t elaborate on the specifics of this change, he promises to share more details during the Aug. 24 Livestream event. Unfortunately for those who have been disenchanted by cheating players, there was no mention of anti-cheat fixes with either post – it’s still unclear whether they will play a role in any upcoming announcements or not.
    Bungie is finally improving Destiny 2's PvP

    Bungie has been making improvements to Destiny 2’s PvP for the past year, in anticipation of putting more time into creating new content.

    In order to get new weapons onto the playing field quickly, Bungie will un-deplete Crucible maps that went away last year. By shifting Destiny 2’s engine in 2018, it took more work than players might expect to bring them back into rotation this season.

    Destiny 2 players will have the chance to explore uncharted territory for the first time in more than one year, thanks to 3 new map types: a remake, an old Destiny map, and a brand-new world.

    Bungie’s Crucible team is working on remixing or remaking the Capture the Flag-type mode “Rift” from Destiny.

    Bungie’s PvP Design Lead took to Twitter this week to talk about the changes coming for combat in Destiny 2.

    For more such updates stay tuned with the game stanza!

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